"Spirituality often involves looking inward. But it can generate a feeling of connectedness in more ways than you might have imagined. A study in September found that women who rank high on a test for spirituality, particularly connectedness, are more likely to have more sex with more partners. Men who thought of themselves as spiritual were not similarly promiscuous, however."

This comes from Live Science. It looks like you atheist girls are not getting pronged as often as your religious sisters. Life ain't fair!!

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Is that why some church signs proclaim that seven days without prayer make one weak?
Oh yeah. Try letting people know you're an atheist in jr. high. In Florida. In the 60s. That dates me. Would you? Anyway, do that and try to get laid before college. And then try to lose the baggage.
When I revealed I was an atheist in High School, back in the '80s, people looked at me like I grew a second head.
Ray Comfort is proof of the saying, "You were attractive until you opened your mouth."
I thought he was until he opened up his mouth. I didn't know who he was at the time.
Uh I will have to disagree. I've been an atheist my entire life and we have the benefit of being without guilt about sex.
What I want to know, because I don't think I've ever known - in the biblical sense - an atheist woman - I'd remember if we discussed this, is if they call out "Oh God" or "Oh Madalyn Murray"?
In my case I'm sure "Oh Madalyn Murry" would bring my passion to a screach'n halt!! I don't know if you've ever seen her picture but she was NOT a pretty thing to look at!
Nor pleasant to be around, by all accounts.
Yeah, from what I heard she brought a whole new meaning to the word "blunt"!!
Maybe that's because she wasn't a thing at all?




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