closed down by a deliberate DOS attack

On the 7th of December the Atheist Alliance International (AAI) launched an attempt to produce a comprehensive count of atheists. Not just the number of (although that is important) atheists, but also their age, motivations for their lack of belief and their educational achievements. In just 17 hours 8.800 people had registered with c 2.300 pending. Then the site was hit by a deliberate Denial of Service Attack (DoS) See below

For a more in depth account of what happened there is a decent article in the the Huffpo it is worth a read see below

So can people post this on their blogs it is important that this is publicised as much as possible. No one so far has admitted to pepetrating the attack. But no prizes for guessing who is in  the frame for it.

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Atheist Census is still unavailable.

'Atheist Census was taken offline by a denial of service (DoS) attack approximately 17 hours after launch.

During this time the project received 8,880 confirmed entries, with another c. 2,300 pending.

We do not know who was behind the attack, but it seems that they do not want atheists to be counted.

Thank you everyone who has contacted us expressing support for Atheist Census and offering suggestions for getting the project back online.

We are working through the range of options and Atheist Census will again be counting the world's atheists as soon as practical.'


Just visited the site - thanks for the news.

As the Huff Post article points out, the Website manager says he is only speculating.

You might also check the Examiner has a much more detailed article, showing the alleged DDOS attack is correlation, but not necessarily causation.

Coupled with a dearth of information, other than "There's a DDOS attack," or a claim from someone alleging they did it, and despite my personal feelings as an atheist, but also an electronics technician, I would have to conclude:

Cause unknown. There is no public evidence for a DDOS attack, but with many thousands of atheists trying to log in, there is evidence they overloaded the system. Need proof of a claim for more than just religion.

"(Insert religion here) did it" is not proof. That doesn't mean proof might not be forthcoming, but for now it is an unsubstantiated claim. But I got on okay from here.

My other guesses would be there is a bug in their server or quiz. Since the site displays that the quiz is unavailable, that means the site is not currently subject to a DDOS attack (or you could not get that page either). And with atheists around the world continuing to try and log into the quiz, the alleged DDOS attack continues, by atheists. - James.

I was not offering proof  of religious involvement in the DoS it was merely speculation. Which I have to say is all you are offering in the atheist "overload" hypothesis. However, there is some promising news. I have just visited the  "Atheism UK"  site  ( I am an online member)  and the news from there is that is moving to a more secure server and hopes to be up and running soon.

atheistcensus is back on line,  so please step up and be counted in the great heathen head-count. Link below

Outstanding!  I am THERE!!!

Hi Loren

The count is going well. I registered 2 hours ago and it was at 20, 52 I have just visited the site again and it is up to 21, 756




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