I've been considering atheistic religions. Granted, some would say that if a religion does not worship a God that it's just a philosophy. I've been looking into Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Laveyan Satanism, etc. And I personally disagree with Confucianism and am not interested in Taoism (just saying). But Buddhism and Laveyan philosophies hold concepts that I could really live by. (Note: Buddhism does not worship anyone and Laveyan Satanism does not believe in the actual existence of Satan...although satanists are very dramatic)

So my overall question is... Are atheistic religions helpful, fulfilling, and worth it or are all religions a worthless waste of time?

And please comment if you follow an atheistic religion and how it benefits you.

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Are you not including Humanism for a reason?
Humanism is not a religion.

Yes, exactly.  Just as existentialism is not a religion, nihilism is not a religion, feminism is not a religion, utilitarianism is not a religion, etc. etc. etc.  All religions are belief systems, but not all belief systems are religions.

Humanism is not a religion.
Humanism is not a religion.
Epicureanism fulfils many of the requirements for being a religion, although it's a philosophical doctrine:


 Are rites and ceremony needed to brush ones teeth or to help the elderly lady next door change her tire? Religion or religiousness does not have to be associtated with a god belief. Nor do good habits or moral behavior. Due to evolution we are herd animals that have inherited altruism, that is all that is needed.




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