Do any members identify yourselves as Satanists? Do any members identify with atheistic Satanism as a valid form of anti-theistic expression? As for those members who listen to black metal and other sub-genres of heavy metal, what is your take on Satanic imagery and allusions?

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Why would an atheist bother with any bible be it the xtian king james or the satanic bible; it's all lame...
and then there's the band outta Tampa Florida called Deicide, track called Lunatic of god's Creation... yikes!
Shit, the black metal types in Europe don't care, they'll have satan spit fire upon any place of worship that blocks their panoramic view... really though, ever caught a Behemoth video!? wild.

It's tough to gauge a satanist. It's not that tough to gauge the xtian/jew/muslim though.. go figure.
Satanism might be even more ridiculous than Christianity.
My understanding of atheistic Satanism is not the form where you worship the devil, but rather about glorifying the self. It's about being able to put yourself first instead of having to sacrifice yourself for everyone else. >.> It's just a silly name.

Yes, most "Satanists" actually don't worship the devil, and the beliefs aren't a lot crappier than any other religions' beliefs, but it's packaged in shock value. If you call yourself a Satanist, don't be upset about people not understanding you (yes, I have known people who were).


There are some people who call themselves Satanists here I believe. It gives Christianity too much power and implies that a person is still hung up on Christianity. I never was a Christian, so I don't care that much.

If you're looking for Satanists, you're most definitely in the wrong place friend.


If you're trying to draw up some form of correlation between Atheists and Satanists, there is only one... we both don't go to your local church. Beyond that, we're not compatible.

... actually, I think there might be more of a chance of finding a Satanist in a church than an Atheist.


As for heavy metal... I can't see a correlation there either.

I actually find more Christians than Atheists or otherwise at heavy metal concerts.

Seriously, attend a few, look around... crosses EVERYWHERE.

... the only groups I find scarce at heavy metal concerts seems to be those of middle-eastern origins, but that's mostly a cultural taste in music.

Thanks everyone for responding.





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