Atheists AND Autarchists (Self-Rule) aka Anarchists BOTH come join a new Facebook closed group

Hi, this is Jack Carney in Auckland, New Zealand.

I have just started up a new closed Facebook group for Autarchists (aka Free Market Anarchists) AND Atheists, BOTH, ONLY.  

Go here and join if you profess both Free Thinking perspectives, which is very rare:

I have a video on there defining the terms and explaining the purpose of the group. 

Those here on Nexus, that are both Autarchists and Atheists are invited to join.

Unfortunately, most atheists are not autarchists, such as Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins, both of whom support the most damaging and dangerous superstition in the world today, government, with much more harm done than religions.

So I look forward to confirming any here for membership.

Cheers, Jack

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