"And not just atheists," said Bill Donohue during an August 31st Fox News interview. "I’m talking about people who are disaffected Catholics and Protestants who are mutineers within their own religion, trying to change things." It wasn't just "militant, dogmatic" atheists and "disaffected" Christians that the Catholic League president complained about either. Donohue also had a few choice words for magicians Penn & Teller whose Showtime series, Penn & Teller: Bullsh*t!, just ran an episode on the history of the Catholic Church. "This was the most Nazi-like assault,” Donohue said. “The most unrelenting half an hour of bashing I’ve ever seen.”
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Ironic that they should label the "assault" "Nazi-like" lol :D
Godwin's Law. Lol
Me or them? :P
I almost never say this, but LOL.

Poor little Billy can't play with the other boys and girls on the playground, and so he must go cry to grandma Fox.

I really have nothing but ad hominems for this guy, because I think he should get what you give when you are public speaker.

How can a conservative Catholic seriously say that atheists are "militant, dogmatic" as an insult??? Isn't that what he wishes everyone were, but simply for the Catholic faith?
I wish I could have linked to the Fox & Friends video of the interview. It was priceless.
I don't think I could stomach it right now...been a little ill for the last couple of days and don't want to hurl my Baby Ruth. =P
Yes, thank you I just finished supper....
By the way, he just looks so SAD in that photo. Who, indeed, did poo in his Cheerios?
I didn't think he looked sad. I think he looked like a sourpuss. I didn't choose the picture for that reason though. It's actually hard to find one where he's smiling or looking happy. This is a much more typical look for him.
From the crap that spews forth from the man, I'm not that surprised.
Nazi ? He loses by default.
You know, I don't think mentioning Nazism ends the argument, there are times when it is appropriate. Calling someone a Nazi for making a TV show which you think is unfair is hardly Nazi-like. Now, had Penn and Teller invaded Vatican City and thrown the bishops in a concentration camp, that would have been Nazi-like.

Except of course the Nazis didn't have any problems with the Catholics and just counted on them for one of their crazy reasonings for killing Jews.




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