Atheists are responsible for 300 million deaths.... you jerks.

I just saw this on Comedy Central... this pissed me off because CC has been very empathetic to our cause I think in the past.

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who owns CC?
He says, "Every christian, every jew, every muslim I know is pretty cool. Every atheist I know is a dickhead'. He's pretty stupid. It must be nice to know so many nice people. I've met plenty of christian assholes, a few jewish assholes, and a couple of muslim assholes. Actually, I don't know a lot of jewish people and fewer muslims so it's a small sample size there. I doubt he does either. I guess the 911 bombers were pretty cool in his book? The muslims who decapitate captives and video for youtube? The muslims who... well you get the picture. Then there's the catholic priests who sexually abuse kids. etc etc etc.

He's just an asshole. His stereotypical presentation of his gay brother is lame as well.

That "atheists respnsible for x-million deaths" thing is another bullshit argument and doesn't hold water. But this guy probably sits on the toilet and jokes about his farts as well. Forget him.
From the same body cavity where he gets his fart jokes.
Didn't Ghandi beat his wife? Mother Theresa was not a saint. I love how people say atheists are dickheads, how many could they possibly know? How many do you guys know personally? I live in the bible belt so I do not know that many. Actually I do not personally know of any atheist down here, know some from up north.

Want to talk about smug? "Only my way (jesus) is the truth" "I talk to god" "you’re going to hell" etc. Atheists certainly have not cornered the market on smugness.

Also, how is talking about millions of people dying supposed to be funny? It would not have been funny coming from an atheist either, in my opinion. Ok, finished with my rant.
Then maybe he needs to try another platform for his garbage instead of being lousy at comedy. But yea I know he was just trying to stir hate.
What people neglect to mention with these leaders who are responsible for deaths is that they are often sociopaths. They do not understand religion or any real major abstract concept. All they know is how to use and manipulate to get what they want. They will feign religion if it benefits them or destroy religion if it benefits them. .__. Stalin saw religion as a threat. Hitler saw it as a tool.
Jennifer, allow me to disagree. I think individuals like Kim Jon Il, Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Hitler, etc. understood, and used, the basic mechanics of religion all too well. Each had a large portion of their populace under the sway of their “cult of personality,” not unlike a god. They impose religious texts or doctrines on people as the purest form of thought and guidelines by which to live and have society function – e.g. Juche in North Korea, Mao’s Little Red Book in China, and Mein Kamp in Nazi Germany. People in society were and are gauged by their adherence and devotion to the great leader and the state sanctioned doctrines. Undesireables, freethinkers, dissenters, and other “troublemakers” are removed from society. Not at all unlike a theocracy, where the Inquisition in Europe and the current Morality Police in Saudi Arabia spy on the population, control the information they get, and imprison those who fit the above categories. The same as the secret police in a totalitarian state. Non-belief such as apostasy or counter-revolutionary thought can result in societal ostracism, a sentence of imprisonment, or even death. I honestly don’t see a lot of difference between a dictatorship of man vs. a dictatorship of god.
You are not really disagreeing with me, simply elaborating on a separate segue. They do understand the mechanics, but the idea of a god or something abstract is what eludes that of the sociopath. There is a difference in understanding the mechanics and understanding the abstract concepts. Like I said, they used it to manipulate by either exalting it or attacking it, but none would ever be able to honestly say they are religious or nontheists.
Did you notice that he didn't exactly get a standing ovation for his pathetic excuses for humor at our expense? The arbitrary number that was his so called googled fact is nothing but a load of garbage. He claimed to hate the far right so much be he emulates them quite well.
One thing I did find funny was when he mockingly stated that "religions where created to control stupid people", I thought "yes indeed and you are obviously one of them.
"this pissed me off because CC has been very empathetic to our cause I think in the past."

I think Comedy Central is only interested in getting viewers. I doubt they care whether the viewers are atheists, Christians, Muslims, Jews, or any other religious group. They will poke fun at anyone and everyone.
It was the first time his mother watched!
God drowned planet Earth. Your point?



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