Most hated could be stretching it, but that's the title of the article: . I would probably go with most mistrusted, since I have never personally been assaulted because of my beliefs(not yet anyway)

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yeah, I hate how when they find out your polyamorous they think you're some sex crazed freak.
We're number 1, we're number 1!
Hey, at least we are making an impact.
It means you could end up with your throat cut from ear to ear in a moment of carelessness!
Atheists are the most hated, least trusted people in America. Nurses are voted the most trusted. I'm a nurse and an atheist.....where does this put me?? -)
When my grandmother was in the hospital last year, dying of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's Disease, she asked the nurse if she (the nurse) was saved. The nurse said "no" and my grandmother said something to the effect of "well, I'm saved and unlike you I won't be going to Hell". I'm sure it was the Alzheimer's talking, as, normally, my grandmother felt that religion was a personal thing and would never tell someone they were going to Hell.
well if I am dying just remind me im nothing more than wom food that will get pooped back int the soil to grow an apple tree that will give someone poisoning for your next paycheck, LOL. just kindding by the time my tre has grown youll be dead to... MORBID, ain't it???

That's what can happen if you disclose your disbelief. You may be fired from your job.

In fact by law it is required that you believe in religion X to work for organization X - That is one reason why "W's" faith based initiative is so dangerous. In reality you would have to believe in religion X before you could eat according to that initiative.

I think that University of Minnesota study was done in 2002. I'd like to see a new study conducted to see if atheists becoming more vocal has had any effect.
I would too. I think it has gotten worse because of George "W" Bush's absolutism and the effect he had on polarizing the country.
In the United States, atheism is still associated with the last existential threat the country faced, the late, unlamented Soviet Union. Sorry GOP, but Islamofacism doesn't qualify. Yet. With the collapse of the USSR, there is less hate, but the distrust remains.

I suspect that there are a lot of morally weak people out there whose only restraint is "Even if you think you got away with it, it's still all written down in God's Big Book." When such a person realizes that there's nobody Up There, he becomes really dangerous, even if he maintains a hypocritical piety to prevent his victims from seeing past the sheep's clothing. When he is revealed as an atheist (usually before a jury), we all get tarred with the same brush.
Of course we are despised.

What sort of outreach program(s) does Atheism have? Anything at all? How many of us have given any kind of public presentation on atheism? Are there any resources available for this?

I think we have a zillion pro atheism/ freethought groups, but absolute no national cohesion or agenda to speak of. We are defined by our enemies, not by ourselves. And we have only ourselves to blame.

And I am as guilty as anybody - I have done no community presentations. I really wouldn't know what to present, or how to generate enough funds to allow me to do such a thing. ( Room/AV fees, travel expenses, etc)

I think we have done enough navel-gazing. Isn't it time for some action?
I find an interesting comparison between Atheists and Progressive Democrat/ Xtians and Neo-con Republicans. The latter all fall into lock step and without debate or dissent ram their agendas forward. The former get together to discuss various views, try to come to a reasonable consensus and then go tentatively, politely forward to plead their case making sure they don't offend anyone. Is there any wonder as to why this country is so fucked up? Could it be evolutionary that brains and reason are a non-survival trait that in the 100k years of human existence we are seeing the last gasps? To be sure I am disgusted with our so-called democratic system as it stands today. Great idea The Constitution is, a truly magnificent concept. Too bad we are failing as a species to live up to it's high minded expectations. I will not go darkly into the night. I do my best and as I said when I found A/N I am glad to join human beings. So how do a bunch of independent, free thinking, civilized people combat the barbarian horde and not lose their essence?




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