"Atheists are winning, and it's our fault" - iMonk

Ok, so I paraphrased, but thats what he's saying. Comments are shut down right now, but he was picked up by fark.com so he's probably completely overwhelmed right now.

Best quote ever:

"When the coming evangelical collapse happens, and especially when thousands of our young people bolt for non-believer status, a lot of it will be COMPLETELY DESERVED."

"We addressed atheism with the wrong arguments. We didn’t ask ourselves how it looks to a young atheist. We never stopped to notice that if you are a 17 year old with serious questions about evil, miracles, prayer and the Bible you’ve got small chances of getting any help from most of evangelicalism. We’re having too much fun squalling at the President and feeling good about ourselves . By the time you find that book, talk, ministry, etc. that might help, you’re already beginning to suspect that this is the emergency room where doubters are taken for emergency injections of how powerful anti-atheism drugs and then sent back to the “Bless Us Real Good” Game."

"You see, evangelicals have made such outrageous assumptions and promises about happiness, healing, everything working out, knowing God, answered prayer, loving one another and so on that proving us to be liars isn’t even a real job."

So this guy, at least, has noticed what going on.


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What's even more funny: this guy doesn't seem to realize he implicitly admits that "God can't take care of Himself".
Quote mining is fun...

Vast numbers of people aren’t asking for philosophy. They are asking what will let them live a life uncomplicated by lies, manipulation and constant calls to prefer ignorance to what seems obvious.


We are the ones who appear to not believe in the God we say is real. We are the ones who seem to be forcing ourselves to believe with bigger shows, bigger celebrities and bigger methods of manipulation.

You can’t understand why some people just say atheism has about it the beauty of simplicity? You don’t see why Occam’s Razor is so powerful, even among students who have no idea what it means?

Very interesting to say the least, I wonder if he suspects the truth about a lot of the cultural faith people, that they perhaps don't really believe.
Atheist are living simple happy lives, oh no!
Atheist are living simple happy lives, oh no! [Without anyone telling them how to do it].
Yup...And we know he's already on our side.
Sounds about right to me. The one thing he misses the point about is that once you accept that the Bible is utter-nonsense the whole way through the rest of it all falls apart. I think he'll get there soon, though.
I suspect he is already there but does not want to loose his cushy job.



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