I just wanted to see how many different kinds of people we got going on this site :D

Just give a holler and let everyone know what area you represent!


I'm from Brampton, but for the sake of simplicity I'll say Toronto! WOO!

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I'm here in Yuma, AZ. Very conservative religious atmosphere, good-ole-boys town. I moved from Texas (southern baptist, assembly of god sects) to this border city which is drenched more in catholicism and private, small conservative evangelical churches. We have one church, United Church of Christ, this is supposedly Open-And-Affirming and embraces, welcomes Atheists, Agnostics, Alternative spirituality and they ARE a very active, supportive member of our PFLAG Yuma charter, so I give them a few kudos and do refer them to unfortunate GLBT youth and sad-n-lonely GLBT's who need that spirituality 'home',ha. I actually attended a UCC service (accompanying my In-Recovery Sober partner who can't get past the 3rd step of AA's religion-based 12 step program) and yes it was warm, welcoming but also very prayer and god based, which turned both of us off. My partner attending that religious service still did not help her with the 'god' aspect of AA. Thankfully we have a no-religion based alternative to AA here finally, SMART Recovery :)   

Lastly, religion rears its' ugly head within work places and even on job interviews here. I've been unemployed for a bit (taking my time this time). My last job's supervisor discriminated against me because I'm GLBT and he hailed from the bible belt south and was obviously VERY southern baptist. The company supposedly had a o-tolerence bullying policy but my boss blatently gave preferential treatment to straight people (i was out gay and had loving pics of my partner on my cubicle wall). I did not pray, bow my head when he gave prayers for various touchy-feelie situations (employee died; disaster deaths etc) in our little closed-door team meetings. Could I "prove" I was being discriminated against? No! So, I endured the treatment until I my physical and mental health became unbearable, then I quit. Going on job interviews (& I dress and conduct myself most professionally), I can see and 'sense' the bias. At one job interview earlier this year, (private, AZ-based company) the Interviewer actually asked me: "If I was hired into a work atmosphere that was 'family-based' and supported employees exhibiting their religious beliefs, what are my feelings about that? FYI, AZ is a Right-To-Work state where you can be fired for being GLBT or if they just don't like you. From what I can recall after composing myself from the shock, I think I said that I have no religious beliefs and as long as religious employees did not try to enforce their beliefs on me or the religious exhibitions did not prevent me from doing my job or being rewarded for good work, I have no problems with that). From the look at the person's face and the fact that I was never called back, I'd say my response blew my prospect of getting that job. Yes, I could have lied and given an answer he wanted, but I am trying to be 'true to myself' and I hope it doesn't get me killed here (there are known KKK groups here and they're tight with the local bubbas).  OK, enough from me. TMI, lol

Don't let the barstards grind you down, sport. :)

I can see how much more your burden is with the religious. Maybe you don't owe them the truth, have you thought?.

Consider the real danger they may put you in. It is nice of course to be friends with your workmates, but that, in the final breakdown, ain't why we go to work, is it. We go there to earn money, first and foremost, and maybe to extend ourselves.

Maybe you owe it to yourself to lie, even though it is repugnant to a moral person, but maybe it is the sane thing to do?. Kind of like lying to an enemy force?. I don't see that you need to risk your own safety, merely to tell the truth to a pack of bigots?.

Arizona is one of the worst for being anything but the general religious populace. It is tough being  Hispanic, gay, atheist . That bitch of a governor and the legislature has all the cards. I hope they vote her out but to many zealots in that state prevent that from happening.Florida is no picnic but in my area it is tolerable.

I feel for you John,we hear all about Arizona here in Australia, the great american dream doesn't apply in Az unless you're a white, wealthy, fundie who votes republican.

Wherever there is bigotry, hatred and ignorance, religion is not far away.

"Wherever there is bigotry, hatred and ignorance, religion is not far away."

They have a commutative relationship; wherever there is religion, bigotry, hatred and ignorance are not far away.

Thanks Tom, yes definitely commutative.

Whenever we get the fundies knocking on our door I always ask how they feel about the people in our neighborhood (Newtown in Sydney very large LGBT population) and according to the last census 77% of all residents recorded no religion.

They always show that ingrained ignorance in their reply, "you have to answer to god" that's when I tell them to get off my doorstep because their bigotry is showing.

Victoria, Australia, Oi Oi Oi!  LOL!

Aussie Aussie Aussie? lol.

I used to live in Sydney mate, for 6 or 7 years, and of course they told me how horrible and insular and rotten and depraved Melbourne was, so I never went there until a couple of years ago. I was never so deceived!, I don't know why I ever did trust them Sydney-siders, it is not as if I didn't know that they all tell lies for entertainment, after all.

Melbourne is an amazing city, none of Sydneys cramped little roads, lots of lovely parks and the public buildings all built on heroic scale. The people were a little less friendly than in Sydney, but  I would certainly tell visitors they absolutely had to make  a week long visit to the place.

Carrot Hare, do you have any number on the responses you received since you started this post ? 

Hey friends! Kentwood, MI here - beautiful this time of year, though sad, as summer (fav season) is ending.

It's only warming up here, one month into spring and already temperatures into those expected late spring, is this evidence of global warming or just freakish seasons?   :-D-

Harrogate, England


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