I just wanted to see how many different kinds of people we got going on this site :D

Just give a holler and let everyone know what area you represent!


I'm from Brampton, but for the sake of simplicity I'll say Toronto! WOO!

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Scratch that "I'll try" crap. I just registered, and got a hotel room for 3 days. So yeah, I'm coming... I wasn't sure at first because this Friday I'm attending a SOFREE brunch in Kitchener. But it turns out I can make it.

Westfield, PA.  Northcentral part of the state.

I'm living in Sedalia, Missouri. I have 2 of the most religious neighbors in the world. One set will not even look in our direction. This drives my hubby insane. The other is overly friendly. If you get a chance to live here... DON'T!

I have two bat shit  crazy pentecostals with a block of me. When I go by her house she tells me god is calling me. I told her I changed phone numbers and he does not know it. Some god, huh ?

Lucky here in Mooroopna, Victoria, Australia.

All my street are of no religion.

The only religious conversations around here are when somebody has a death in the family in the street and the Holy Obituary Vultures (Jehova Witnesses) do the entire street, pretending that they aren't just targetting the moarning victim(s), but all of us in the street know they are because they are SOOO Obvious.


Lilithabi, my experience with xianity persuaded me that it makes people dependent and weak. Becoming stronger made possible my departure from religion.

Methinks the neighbors who won't look in your direction are protecting themselves from your strength.

I don't "should" on myself or others; I hope your hubby can see sanity in his response to those neighbors.

So True, Tom. 

Independence has many strengths that sheep (followers of others and religion) who require leadership from others are afraid of.  It threatens and highlights their delusion of stability.

When free thinking, strong people are near, they sense the weakness of their own insecurities and need for subservience to others or their belief system.

I actually enjoy having such people near, because I'm an "IN YOUR FACE" kind of bloke who would likely look for ways to prank and stir them.   LOL!  

Yes, the Jehovah Witnesses now keep a wide birth of my place, they consider me the devil incarnate, especially after the things I taught a group of their children about their own religion.

I used to read all their literature, so they thought I was close to becoming a believer and they were silly enough to leave me in charge of a group of their kids while they harassed their intended victim who had just lost her father a few days prior.  I fed back to them all the mistakes I had found in their literature and they soaked it up like sponges, agreeing with much that I had stated.

A few days later I was walking down the shopping center when some of those children were approaching with their father, they called out to me smiling and waving, to which their father quickly grabbed them and literally dragged them over to the other side of the road.   I've never had a visit from them since!    :D      :D   

That was a laugh!      :D       :D     

Greetings from New Hampshire, home of the Free State movement.  We have "Live Free or Die" on our license plates, and do we ever love our firearms!


Yay - one more for Eschaton2012! That's where all the cool kids will be Nov 30-Dec 2 (eschaton2012.ca)

Is anyone planning on attending the atheist convention in March in Austin, Texas ? I have a room booked and would not be adverse to splitting the cost of the room. I don't expect women to reply so men only please. Send me an email at lynchj678@gmail.com if you are interested. I would have to know somewhat in advance to have another bed assigned to the room.

Dee-troit Michigan, USA!




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