I just wanted to see how many different kinds of people we got going on this site :D

Just give a holler and let everyone know what area you represent!


I'm from Brampton, but for the sake of simplicity I'll say Toronto! WOO!

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Evangel College, Springfield, Missouri.

Springfield had 5 colleges:

     Southwest Missouri State College (now Southwest Missouri University)

     Drury College, which was some sort of innocuous christian (luthern? episcopalian?)

     The Southern Baptist Bible College

     The Assemblies of God Bible College, and

     Evangel College, which was the liberal arts college of the Assemblies of God.

Then, on top of that, the Assembly of God business headquarters was in Springfield.

We used to joke that if there was a three-car pileup, at least two drivers would be praying.

Wow, you were surrounded.   So do christians who are praying while driving close their eyes and take their hands off the wheel, or do they know deep down in their hearts who is really in control of their car.   And on a related thought, do they have medical wrist bands that say "In case of injury or sickness, take me to church where they can all gather to pray for me to be healed."

When I was mormon, I briefly dated a mormon girl that told me if I had faith, I would not wear seat belts.  But even she wasn't crazy enough to tell me to take my hands off the wheel.

I hope you post anyway Roy.

Gus, you're dead right about the anti-laws.
Anti anything but white men . I just don't get it. Never have.
Straight white men at that.
Oddly enough I spent four years at a small, christian, liberal arts college and came out atheist too.
No chapel required though.

Gus, thought and action, based on reality, on what is, is, gives a proper foundation from which to launch a happy and fulfilling life. 

Start with what is true, real, measurable, touchable, weighable  ...  

Then think of all the options one can possibly come up with, even winning the lottery  ...  

Cross off all the impossible, improbable, undesirable options  ...  

Consider the remaining options and identify the probable, possible, and preferable  ...  

Do a cost/benefit analysis for each option  ...  

Select the preferable and develop a plan of action leading from what is to what you prefer  ...

Work the plan; if it works, continue; if it doesn't work, try plan B; then plan C; etc. ... 

It is important to be focused as you work the plans, be persistent and flexible  ...  

Continue until you get what you want out of life. 

You may change your mind about what you want, and so be flexible; you may change your mind about how you get to your goal, so be flexible; you may have to work for what you want out of life, so be persistent. So the rule is to be absolutely persistent/flexible.  

This is an oversimplification of process thinking, but it is the only way I know of to get a meaningful, purposeful, self-directed life. 

No wristbands, Roy, but if they get better after accident or Illness, all the praying friends and relatives gush about how good and loving gawd is. Medical team and surgeons don't get much credit. Likewise, the invisible friend in the sky doesn't prevent the accident or illness in the first place (wouldn't that be simpler?), and, as we all know, never heals amputees, only fixes medical conditions that could go either way.

I would seriously like to make up some wrist bands like that and offer them for sale to the Xtians.  It would be so funny.


Does it piss anybody else off when 1 person escapes from a burning plane and everybody thanks god for saving that person? Yet nobody blames god for killing the rest of the passengers!

Same things with hurricanes and tornadoes - they can wipe out hundreds of houses yet some lucky SOB who doesn't have any damage thanks the wonderful lord and saviour who protected him.

I think that is why religion is still so popular after all these years - it gives each person who believes a "special feeling" that they are "special" to someone (or something) when many times they don't have anybody who thinks their special.


I get so angry when watching the news to hear people say they thank god for saving them when the news also reports that during the same event their neighbors, and/or small children have been killed.  They never explain why they think their neighbors didn't make the cut and the talking heads, especially that dreadful Diane Sawyer, always goes along with the god angle.  Her voice grates on me especially when she offers her prayers for the "victims".  Victims of god if you follow their thinking!

That is precisely why we should ridicule any such claim for thanking god for survivors and not blaming god for fatalities or injuries. Mockery, derision, laughter, scorn, scoffing, contempt, jeering, sneering, jibes, teasing, taunts, sarcasm and satire should be utilized. Nothing illegal, but there is no law preventing one from resisting such nonsense.  

It's because they are really thanking the Big Guy for not killing him as well.  They know that He's the one responsible and they are just kissing his ass which is what you do for all psychopathic tyrants.


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