I just wanted to see how many different kinds of people we got going on this site :D

Just give a holler and let everyone know what area you represent!


I'm from Brampton, but for the sake of simplicity I'll say Toronto! WOO!

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Yikes! How many of the churches were Catholic?? (Those priests usually like their booze.)

I don't know... but since an Argentinean became Pope, I (also Argent. )  am told I should become a person of faith. Why people are so de-brained?

Saint Petersburg, FL.

Eh haha

Hi, Gia. Welcome to A/N.

My folks and their five kids left Ohio in 1947 for St. Pete. I finished high school there, did a hitch in the Navy, returned and went to SPC which was SP Junior College then. I graduated UF in G'ville. I've been in the SF Bay Area since 1976. Unlike your hurricanes, our earthquakes like the one afew mornings ago, come without warnings. I liked hurricane parties.

Enjoy A/N and other stuff too.

I was born and raised in Brockton,Ma, after college  I moved  to Maryland and lived there  6 years, then moved  to Northern Va where  I have  remained  to this day....I also  spend 2 months  every winter in Tampa, Fl, as a snowbird, since  I am now retired...

Ybor City used to be the place to go for Hispanic food. Is it still?

I called St. Pete a hometown 1947-1963.

I didn't know St. Pete had restaurants from Spain.  Latino restaurants yes, a lot....like NYC...but few Hispanics ones.

Whoops, Sylvia, I didn't make clear that Ybor City was in south or southeast Tampa. As I recall cigar making was a major industry. Also, before Fidel Castro overthrew the Batista regime in Cuba in 1958, Ybor City's "Tampa Mafia" under Santo Trafficante ran the hotels and casinos in Havana.

My mom had relatives in north Tampa we visited and a cousin two years older than I went to a college in Tampa before he went to San Francisco. We all came to Florida from Cincinnati and I sometimes drove through Tampa on my way to or from the university in Gainesville.

One year during the high tides that came with hurricanes, Bayshore Boulevard was a few inches under water and the Tampa Tribune had photos of a Volkswagen towing a water skier. Both were on the boulevard.

After college I worked in Daytona Beach for several years and while there married a woman I'd met during one year at Florida State in Tallahassee. A month later, the company I worked for perhaps decided that a married man would be more reliable than a single man and offered me a position in Houston. We left Florida.

Despite an occasional earthquake, like the one two weeks ago that emptied most of my bookshelves onto the floor, I like California better.

More than hurricanes, earthquakes persuade me that we happen to live on a planet that no one made for us. I have not yet tried a tornado.

Very interesting everything you said. As a Prof. of Spanish I know quite well the history of the region because language, literature and history go together.

What I was referring to is the use of the adjective "Hispanic" to describe restaurants / people of Latin American origin...since "Hispanic" is a nationality and derives from the original name of Spain (Hispania / Roman Empire).

I was born in Argentina so Spanish is my first language...but, please, never address me as Hispanic because not only I wasn't born in Spain but my origin is French.


The Oxford dictionary:  Hispanic
Of or relating to Spain or to Spanish-speaking countries, especially those of Latin America.
1.1Of or relating to Spanish-speaking people or their culture, especially in the US.   There are a few actual Spanish Restaurants in Tampa, though the Latino restaurants are too many to count!  I call people and things from Spain, Spanish.  I'm very careful about using Hispanic and Latino.  I ask exactly where a person is from, and say, por exemplo, Cubana,  Boriqua,  o Mexicana.  Yo soy una Gringa de Boston!

@Dogly....You are being  politically  correct.....You can not go wrong  by getting  specific  like that....

Dogly...Come and call me Hispanic face to face...You won't like my answer. LOL

See, the fact I was born in a Spanish speaking country doesn't mean my first heritage / culture was Spanish. My parents were French so that's my heritage / culture.

As I said, Hispania was the original name of Spain (España in Spanish) and is a nationality. No person born in a Spanish speaking country in Latin America enjoys being "bagged together" under the adjective Hispanic. See, the language is just about the only thing  we have in common.

Who is to say the def. in the Oxford dictionary isn't one made to accomodate certain interests?



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