I just wanted to see how many different kinds of people we got going on this site :D

Just give a holler and let everyone know what area you represent!


I'm from Brampton, but for the sake of simplicity I'll say Toronto! WOO!

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I have no Atheist groups near my location, yet most of those I know around here are atheists.

Because we are in a secular nation and there is very little public pushing of religion, atheists become apathetic and simply live day to day and don't worry about religion, nor opposing it.

I believe we still need some collective group to counter the rise of fundamentalism in apathetic societies when people become fearful of change or rising poverty.

Fundamentalism feeds on public fear and if we don't keep a watch out for such occurrences we may suddenly find ourselves surrounded by fundamentalism as what happened in the US in the mid 1800s when suddenly we saw the rise of the Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses, plus other radical Christian groups as depression gripped the nation, and sent people running for something to believe in to ease their fear.

Just a year and a half ago I might have written the same thing.  But I was encourage by the CFI director in Indianapolis to start my own Freethinkers group here in small town Madison, Indiana.  It has been great to see so many freethinkers come out of the closet and get together for open discussions 3 times a month.

Hi Silvia,

Sorry so late in responding to you.  What about starting a group for Spanish speaking atheists?  We need you!!


Hi Eric,

I believe there is  one already; I will investigate. One thing I know for sure...older Spanish speaking people are usually believers...a consequence of Spain (no) discovering the New World.

Ich bin ein Atheist, der studiert Spanisch.

Perdon, for favor. Yo tengo 83 anos y estudiante espanol.

I just had to say I'm an atheist (whose mother spoke German) who is studying Spanish (via Duolingo on my IPAD Mini).

Please do start a Spanish language group; I'm needing to read some modern Latin-American Spanish.


I salute you.

Latin-American Spanish...and the one from Spain (which the Americans call "Castillian") are one and the same....the differences rest more on the regional accents and on the meaning -sometimes- each country gives to certain words. You could say the same happens with the English spoken in Boston and the one in Texas...

¿Dónde vives, Tom?

En una ciudad pequena Yountville, doce km norte de la Napa en el hermoso Napa valle.

Yo'all don't talk American up in Noo York?

In NY we speak English....lol

No conozco California.

Little speck of a town; Vandalia, Missouri :D!

Grifton, North Carolina.... beware. You will lose hope for humanity if you spend too much time here.

Hi, Donald. I once visited western NC, the beautiful Smoky Mountain area, and am sorry to hear what the repubs are doing to your state.

I live in the SF Bay Area and hear on MSNBC News of the Moral Monday group whose members hope to bring your state back to civilization. Do they get any air time where you are?

We used to do family vacations in Pelican Rapids.


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