I just wanted to see how many different kinds of people we got going on this site :D

Just give a holler and let everyone know what area you represent!


I'm from Brampton, but for the sake of simplicity I'll say Toronto! WOO!

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I am in Littleton, CO for 6 months of the year living with my son and six summer months living with my daughter near Newport, WA, 50 miles north of Spokane. I have the best of both worlds. 

St. Maries, Idaho, here.  Formerly of Iowa City, Iowa.

Many of my ancestors lived in St. Maries, Idaho. I doubt any of the family still live there. There were two great aunts and husbands who started a grocery store there, one's last name was English and the other was Middleton. 

Moved to Pune (India) about 6 months ago. Old global nomad :-)


I'm from Hawaii. We have a lot of secular folks in the city, but unfortunately they're very religious in certain parts of the state.

I post with the meetup group, Secular Coalition (of Hawaii) for atheist activists.

Victoria, Australia.
A very secular community where most people I know are agnostic / atheist.

I now live in Newport, WA in the midst of a forest. I love it here, although we fight the plans to build a silicon smelter here. 

Hi! I'm from Harare in Zimbabwe.

You can just go to members and see. That what i did and find most members from USA 

Northern Michigan here. 

In 2020, let's ASSEMBLE virtually, rather than in person.

Maybe I'll revisit AN's chat room now and then, which this introvert has been studiously ignoring for years. :)




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