I just wanted to see how many different kinds of people we got going on this site :D

Just give a holler and let everyone know what area you represent!


I'm from Brampton, but for the sake of simplicity I'll say Toronto! WOO!

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I'm from the heart of the bible belt and always thought I had it rough, but we haven't had creationists rear their heads here in any official capacity. At least your state, or at least the uneducated of your state, brought the Prophet Bobby Hebderson into the public sphere.

I'm from Missouri, from what I've seen, MO and KS do not have much logic or reason

Brampton! Cool! I'm from Buffalo, eh? and am very glad to see such associations of nontheists as this webpage.I have many topical interests; physics, biomechanics,Elizabethan poetry, Thomas Pynchon, etc. but what I want to discuss with people most on this site is the misconception religious people often have that atheists are somehow inveterately incapable of true compassion, empathy, understanding and love; this bogus notion that only belief in a Higher Power can induce in people a benign disposition. Pure rubbish.
I can't believe that these people are so non-introspective that they cannot see how most of our morals and ethics are absorbed from our society's Zeitgeist, not from holy texts. So I will be keen to any threads that are discussing this issue on the site, but also many others...such as Humor & Atheism; Why Atheists Don't Wage Wars in the Name of Atheism; Who Would Be More Acceptable as A Dinner Companion if Someone Were Holding a Gun to our Head -Hitler or Stalin?...etc.

Boy, you said it. The "morality" of religion can best be seen by what thing were like when religion had or has unquestioned power. In the West, we call it the "Dark Ages". In the Middle East, we call it Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. In the far East, Japanese Empire, in Africa, we see ignorance and superstition. In America, we call it "the "good" old days", and the GOP at present wants it back.

Right on, michael.

The GOP's religious faction want to restore the religious dark ages (the years after the Protestant revolution).

The GOP's economic faction want to restore America's economic dark ages (the years before labor unions and consumer protection laws).

One caveat: the Democratic and Republican parties can be about equally corrupt. Because the Dems won't restore those dark ages, November's elections are important.

Religion of God  or the  religion of greed ...religion of power that is the question 

mankind  is a cruel animal greed is the GOD

Dinner with Hitler or Stalin?

An easy choice: Stalin. He was sane enough to ask how many divisions (of a military kind) the Pope had. Hitler was insane enough to NOT ask how many divisions Stalin had.

More seriously, on introspection. The Xianity I knew put a lot of energy into telling children they are sinners, or in other ways "bad". Those children grow up and don't introspect, because they have little or no self-esteem. Introspection would tell them what only masochists want to believe about themselves.

Give people who have no self-esteem a compliment and they will fear that you want to take advantage of them.

Stalin was also a published poet.  Go figure.

Both his parents beat him fiercely day and day out.  Apparently so did Hitler's.

Greed wages war ..avarice.... greed is the shyte the glue  that is mankind

Well Martin, I started a discussion in the Comedy section on Atheists and humor, as in Australia, humor has assisted in producing a quite non-religious nation with a publicly known atheist as its leader.  Something that is unlikely to happen in the USA, unless they can see that religion is really just a source of funny jokes.   Which is all it really is, as in Britain, the majority of the best jokes are concerning the blatant, extreme stupidity that is religion.

Aye M8!   :D 

What a great country Australia must be. If it were not my age I certainly would like to live in your country.I get so tired of all the religious nonsense here. I would like to see the percentage of "none" go up in the US before I die.That would bring some solace and perhaps die with a smile on my face.


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