I just wanted to see how many different kinds of people we got going on this site :D

Just give a holler and let everyone know what area you represent!


I'm from Brampton, but for the sake of simplicity I'll say Toronto! WOO!

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I'm here in the "Bible Belt" of Canada -- Alberta (Calgary specifically). Hello to all the other Atheists out there!

I am from Southern Ohio in a town called Sciotoville, Ohio near Portsmouth, Ohio.

Big Island, Hawaii

Not sure if I already replied, but in case I didn't, I'm in Morocco, North Africa..

Herr, u just cracked me up. Damn you are dizzy. How can you not know if you replied earlier? I hope you know i'm kidding. Just having a good laugh at you.

Somebody else in WV! Hello, Ian. You're sort of in the opposite corner from me.
Johnstown, NY

Bristol, Virginia. U.S.A. here, would rather be in Toronto: )

I am from Wheeling, West Virginia.

Isn't anyone else from Nigeria? *weeps*. I'm all alone and feeling sorry for myself. Ok, kidding. I hope everyone's having a terrific week. Someone said to me earlier today they'd never seen me have so much energy, to which i said i have peace like never before but if i told ya, i'd have to kill ya. Hahaha. Much love people.

I am from Nigeria. I do not come in here often. I hardly ever comment though. Most times I come here for up to date atheist and science news.

Atheist Nexus gave me a sense of belonging when i apostatized. It made me realize I wasn't alone in my dislike of religion.

Trust me i know the feeling of loneliness an atheist in Nigeria feels. Its a phase i also went through. Though i am still in the closet, i do feel a certain kind of relief that i don't believe religion's bullshit anymore.

Holla at you later.


I'm living in Miami, Florida. Good to see people from so many parts of the world! - Steve



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