I just wanted to see how many different kinds of people we got going on this site :D

Just give a holler and let everyone know what area you represent!


I'm from Brampton, but for the sake of simplicity I'll say Toronto! WOO!

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Robert, you stated Republican (Tea Party?) views well, but most of the people who post on this thread tell us what part of the world they are from.

Hey Tom,

Typical of a liberal, like religious people, to discount someones views because they don't fit with their own. You are right I am conservative, but you ignore the fact that the nobel peace prize winner Obama has started several wars without  congressional or U.N. approval and has an assasination list and is murdering innocent people as we speak. I could have easily been an anti-war leftist except as everyone knows, they are silent about Obama's war crimes. They just don't like unsanctioned murders when it is done by conservatives.  Perhaps the peace prize gives him the pass that I am unaware of?

I listed where I am currently living weeks ago, but will do so again.  Currently South Dakota USA, previously, California, Germany, Texas, Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Illinois, Nevada, New Hampshire, and now South Dakota in that order. 

Well, I am an outsider, so will offer a kind of unbiased opinion.


You were not doing anything much more than logically extending their mention of Bush/Chenys actions, so a person unaware of US political feeling would have just said "Yep, I suppose that is quite right". And they did raise the topic after all, which made Obama not just fair game, but perfectly logically in play as game. A sitting duck in fact.

And you are right, if the UN ever became more than a toy for the countries with vetos, more than a few heads of state would join milosevic and Thomas Lubanga Dyilo in  Brussells prison.


But he didn't "discount" your views at all, you realise. Merely linked them to the team we know them from, which must  be thought to be kind of cheeky to you I suppose. But they are on your side of the fence, right?. ( Which must be a bit of an unhappy thought, but that is politics eh? :P )


Which is your favourite state to live in?. Such a big place, the USA.

Belleville, NJ! woooo 

Small town Yuma, AZ here. There are a lot of Atheists (non-Theists) here but they're more closeted than our GLBTQ people. I try to spread my Atheist and Humanistic philosophies best I can without being tarred, feathered and run outta Dodge, ha.

My latest rants, raves have been about how bible-thumpers are destroying women's rights and the new bible challenge game show on game show network.

In the 1970s, while driving through your town from our Phoenix home to San Diego, I told my wife that living in Yuma would require a sense of humor, and I see you have one. Welcome to A/N.

shaffi , India

now Malaysia ......
too much sufferings !!!!! 

Windermere in rainy Cumbria, the UK. Pretty but damp... Anyone else from around here?

Texas Gulf Coast, tip of the heart of the Bible Belt.  Mostly Catholic population.  In my mind it is Nueces City.  That is because it sits on the Nueces River, and although in Spanish nueces usually contemplates pecans or walnuts, in Spanish it's also a word of choice for "nuts" as in Donald Duck crazy.  We have our very own local Joel Osteen wannabee, too.  Has a local mega-church now seen on the Booblical TV networks.

Hello, Poland here :) A city called Lodz. I wonder how many other Polish atheists have joined this site!

Tennessee :D Atheist living in the Bible Belt. WOOT!


I just would like to say, to all the people like Nia, who suffer this sort of thing, keep smiling, we are slowly winning.


Remember, you could always come down to live in New Zealand or Australia if you get sick of being repressed. Almost unheard of here for religious people to dare to disapprove of someone not believing in sky-beard-man stories.

Even our sub-communities such as Sikh and Catholic and Muslim people are almost understanding of their own people who lose faith. We have a kind of tolerant attitude to peoples beliefs here.


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