I just wanted to see how many different kinds of people we got going on this site :D

Just give a holler and let everyone know what area you represent!


I'm from Brampton, but for the sake of simplicity I'll say Toronto! WOO!

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Hi Ken,

Beautiful pictures! What is the one called "Island Reflections" of? "Saturday Morning Run to Town" almost makes me believe in heaven - so lovely! I am only hovering around the half century mark so I still work full time. Today my coworker has xmas music playing and she asked me to read a paper she did for school. It was all about how we need to put jesus back in xmas. JEESH would I LOVE to be able to be more OUT!!! I wanted to say "this paper is shit because your premise is shit because religion is shit". Oh well, at least we have AN. And at least it is pretty where you live. Hang in there!

Carolyn, the Island Reflections was a photo of the image being reflected in a Glass Brick of a shower wall in a house that my friend just finished building in Tahaa.  I did a shoot of the work and the finish of the house and when I walked into the master bathroom shower the bricks each had a reflection that was making abstracts of the deck and walls and the yard outside, each one was different and each had it's own beauty.  I picked several but I was drawn to this one most of all....  Glad you liked it.    The Run to Town was taken of a paddler in a single man racing canoe and there were three of them meandering south in the lagoon heading for the village of Po'otoru this was the one I thought made the grade.

The Hibiscus is one of dozens that my wife has planted every day I get some different flower to shoot.  I guess that living in an endless summer is something I never tire of....

I am from Lorne, Victoria, Australia......A small tourist town on the south coast that has the population of 900, but in summer it turns into 30,000. It is a beautiful spot here. There is a few problems in this town, the first problem that always bugs me is the lack of intellectual stimulation. People here do not even know the world is round I swear and if you mention Hitchens or Dawkins they look at you like you are a leper. Fortunately in Australia we have total freedom of religious(or non-Theist) expression and the logical thinking crowd is multiplying!

Ben, welcome to A/N.

You Aussies have a v-e-r-y interesting prime minister. I've seen a few stories about her positions on issues. Most recently, her remarks about the Mayan calendar caught the attention of America's sensation-seeking news media.

There's an interesting shot of earth's lighted regions in today's (tomorrow's to Aussies?) NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day. The large lighted region of west-central Australia surprised me. Googling 'NASA APOD' will show you to its daily pic and to its archive of pix.

Wow, that IS a great picture. Glad to see the Gold Coast is not that crowded since i hope live there someday. It certainly looks less crowded than the northeast of America where I am now!

I ask the same question of everyone outside of the US. Is the cost of living high in your area ?Are properties or renting expensive ? I have been retired for some time and would love to visit in your part of the world.

Detroit Michigan.... Fighting for logic and reason.... and stuff...

Logic and reason!?  everything is meaningless . hope so,   or strange things will happen !!

Nothing comes prepackaged with meaning. Meaning comes from minds forming subjective opinions. Thus there is no meaning to life other than what you make of it. 

One of my fav Simpsons snippets: Lisa: Perhaps there is no moral to this story. Homer: Exactly… It’s just a bunch of stuff that happened.-The Simpsons, “Blood Feud”

I'm in Spokane, Washington state, rejoicing in the growing numbers of people joining our ranks. There is a very important message and consequence to letting go of mythology and superstitions and reaching for evidence while making our decisions. 

Joan, the ranks of those ending the feds' idiotic war on pot or those ending the xians' mean-hearted war on LGBT?

Both of the above? Congratulations.

Enjoy, while more of us catch up with you.



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