I just wanted to see how many different kinds of people we got going on this site :D

Just give a holler and let everyone know what area you represent!


I'm from Brampton, but for the sake of simplicity I'll say Toronto! WOO!

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Logic and reason!?  everything is meaningless . hope so,   or strange things will happen !!

Nothing comes prepackaged with meaning. Meaning comes from minds forming subjective opinions. Thus there is no meaning to life other than what you make of it. 

One of my fav Simpsons snippets: Lisa: Perhaps there is no moral to this story. Homer: Exactly… It’s just a bunch of stuff that happened.-The Simpsons, “Blood Feud”

I'm in Spokane, Washington state, rejoicing in the growing numbers of people joining our ranks. There is a very important message and consequence to letting go of mythology and superstitions and reaching for evidence while making our decisions. 

Joan, the ranks of those ending the feds' idiotic war on pot or those ending the xians' mean-hearted war on LGBT?

Both of the above? Congratulations.

Enjoy, while more of us catch up with you.

Kent, welcome to A/N from a guy who knows where Cedar Key is, unless it's somewhere along the way to Key West and I'm confusing it with a Cedar Keys on the Gulf Coast. Many times during the 1950s I drove past the road to one or the other on trips between St. Pete and UofF in Gainesville.

Again, welcome.

Hi, I'm from Dumfriesshire in South West Scotland - where we used to strangle witches before we burned them - and the Presbyterians think I'm the crazy one!

Hi, Scotswoman, welcome to A/N.

The "burning times" you mentioned were well portrayed in the 1973 English movie, The Wicker Man. Set in your part of the UK, it recently, and thoroughly, persuaded me those times were not for freethinkers, or any newcomers to a community. The Hollywood remake doesn't deserve even this small mention.

Again, welcome to A/N.

Thanks for your welcome. At least the people portrayed in the Wicker man - flmed around this area by the way and not on an island as appeared - were ignorant and burned poor old Edward Woodward in order to try to restore fertility to their land - crazy enough. Often women were burned as witches because the church and/or state wanted their land and used their religeon as a mean to acquire it. 

Cheryl, your final sentence above inspired me to go to the A/M Water Cooler and start a discussion titled "Too Soon Old and Too Late Smart". Thanks.

I can relate. I saw the light way to late and I am smart enough to know when I die it is all over. I am 72. Am I happier ? Somewhat. I have allowed myself to be who I am and be glad I am an atheist. I have had a lot of religious indoctrination to overcome so the farther  removed from religion I am the happier I will be. 

A terribly sad history; it is important to remember history and realize the depravity of some  human beings, and recognize when depravity occurs in the present era. We are not immune. 


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