I just wanted to see how many different kinds of people we got going on this site :D

Just give a holler and let everyone know what area you represent!


I'm from Brampton, but for the sake of simplicity I'll say Toronto! WOO!

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Albuquerque.  Great place to visit -- and live without magic.


I'll take a look around the front and U Ganda around the back!  :-D~

Ken ya, either of ya, really do that?

If you will, I con go do something else. Thanks.

Fort St John, British Columbia.

Welcome Ron,

Nice looking place, makes this region in Victoria, Australia rather boring and flat.

Though I'm not keen on snow in the Winter, as my Reynaud's syndrome gives me a hard time in the cold.


What were your first symptoms? How old were you? What is the treatment? and the prognosis? 

Fingers go completely white and sometimes blue, I put them into warm water and they go blue to purple and then bright pink/red where they hurt and then back to normal.

I have discovered that if I wear a thick scarf around my neck, I can avoid it, so I have a theory that it has something to do with nerves from the cervical vertebrae, which I considered as maybe a result of the neck damage I had when I fell from the top of a haystack while I was 8 y.o.  But, since then, my daughter has also been diagnosed with it, but nobody else in my family has this problem.  It made playing guitar and making pottery difficult, as I cannot feel the clay when it happens nor strings.  My band was playing a gig and the cold air from their air conditioner hit me, and suddenly I could not feel the guitar.   I've played squash with it, with a heart rate of 180 beats per minute and it did nothing to stop it occurring, I could not feel my squash racquet.  But, wearing that scarf appears to prevent it occurring.

I have a flattened disc between the 3rd and 4th cervical vertebrae as a result of that accident, as I was racing my brother to the top of the haystack and at the top I grabbed a wrong bale, which dislodged and landed on top of me as I hit the ground.

The symptoms really didn't get severe until my mid 20s, while I was playing guitar, we would practice in a fruit cool room, so maybe the working in excessive cold helped to worsen it. Then it started to affect my work, in making pottery.

Wow that sounds pretty bizarre, especially since your daughter has it.  Otherwise, it sounds reasonable that it could have been as a result of the injury.  

Fort St John is actually very flat in comparison with the rest of British Columbia.  I'm originally from the southern part of the province.  I grew up in a small city called Kamloops.  It's in our semi-arid dessert.  35 to 40 degrees is common in July and August.

I'm only in Fort St John making the money to finish the refit on my sailboat and save some money so we can sail south.  Waaaaaay south.

Thanks Dyslexic, Fort St John is boring and flat.  I much prefer it in the south, as far south as possible.  Unfortunately being in the north is what it will take to get me south.  I've never heard of Reynaud's Syndrome.  Those picture look like my hands on any given day when it's 40 below.  lol

If you think Fort St. John is flat, then you'd h8 this place, we have an old rubbish dump that has been added to for over 100 years, it is the only mountain it the district, so they have put the lookout on top of it.

The lowest the temperature gets here is -2C, but in Summer we can have a week or more, around 45C.

Most of the rich elderly go North for the winter to NSW or Queensland where it is close to tropical weather.

We have little rainfall here, because it is so flat.

So keeping gardens nice, requires using lots of water.

We call ourselves the hole in the rainfall doughnut. 

All the areas around us with hills have regular rain, and we rarely get any.  We can actually see the heavy clouds avoiding us and banking up in the regions with hills.

The highest mountain in Victoria (Mt Bogong) would be nothing more than a hill in Canada, as we can drive our cars to the very top of it.




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