I just wanted to see how many different kinds of people we got going on this site :D

Just give a holler and let everyone know what area you represent!


I'm from Brampton, but for the sake of simplicity I'll say Toronto! WOO!

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Western Poland, suprisingly lots of aths in here :)

Arnold, MO, just south of St. Louis.

Pittsburgh, PA


Middle east, Saudi Arabia T_T

Retired to Westmoreland County, PA (just east of Pittsburgh), conservative Christian territory, oy!

Hey Kitty,

The title of this thread is "Atheists Assemble.' If you would like to assemble with atheists, you might check out Sunday Assembly Pittsburgh. We launch on 9/28. It would be a nice break from the evangelicals you talk to every day :)


5 August MMXIV

Hi there from Calenzano, Italy, Andrew!

I wrote an essay on atheism, but when I tried to upload it to atheistnexus.org,

I was informed that it was too long.

May I send it to you?  (gmenxs@tin.it)



Anthony St. John

it may be too long for a comment reply but have you tried uploading it to your blog? Each member is given a blog with their account. I'm not sure what the acceptable length is for a blog entry but I am pretty sure it is much longer than the length for a comment.

Whoops, I'm sorry I posted on the wrong thread. Alas, we have no car and we live in a senior cits' mobile home park in the middle of nowhere, just wanted to connect with like-minded people. Again, I apologize for posting in the wrong thread.

Kitty, you posted on the correct thread.

Don't take literally the word "ASSEMBLE" in the above title.

In all the posts I have seen in about a year, people say where they are. A few say where they moved from to get where they now are.

With atheist/etc "churches" now forming, the assembling Andrew described is becoming a reality. A welcome reality for people not college, where atheist clubs have long existed.

I'm from Somerset KY. Right in the middle of the Bible belt, where there are at least 3 christian churches in every square mile and probably over 100 in the county. And I know a whole 3 atheists; only 1 I'm not related to.

Welcome. Morgan.

My dad grew up in Newport and was working in Cincinnati when he and my mom met. I remember his mentioning Somerset. He and my mom often drove to Lexington on fishing weekends.

I was in California's SF Bay Area when I found A/N, and am still there. Happily, the Bay Area is loaded with freethinkers of all kinds.


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