I just wanted to see how many different kinds of people we got going on this site :D

Just give a holler and let everyone know what area you represent!


I'm from Brampton, but for the sake of simplicity I'll say Toronto! WOO!

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Hi Tom. I am an old hand at this. Which means, I must wash carefully before social contact. Ask Tim Omachi for confirmation. A bolus dose of penicillin is indicated if soap and water are forgotten in church.

What do priests, altar boys and yeast have in common?

The first and the last both make dough rise if left unattended with the middle section.

(how's that for an original joke? I just made it up. nonfiction)

I'm from Adelaide in South Australia :-

A south aussie? Aww man. :P

How is Adelaide these days? I havn't visited in ages. :D

I'm from Lufkin (aka Redneck Jezuz Hell), Texas!

Hey, Ted.. I haven't visited A/N in a coupla' weeks... Just spotted your post.. I'm over here in Centerville.. Not to terribly far from Lufkin.. I know of two people other than me, here, that are non- believers.. I know a few more who won't admit it.. Good to know E. Texas has more than we know.. Check out my member page..I have a little info about myself, there..

Hey, Dan!  Sorry it took so long for me to get back, I've been busy around the house.  No, Centerville isn't too far from here.  It's on the route from here to Austin.  Next time I'm headed through there I'll give ya a holler!  Maybe we can have coffee or something.

Yall just come on over to College Station.  We'll stir something up.

Sounds like a plan!

Australians generally don't care too much about religion and don't take it very seriously but as all religions seem to forcing their beliefs on government I want to fight back.

Don't care what people believe no matter how absurd as long as they don't try to force it on me but when they try to legislate their "religious morality" (that is an oxymoron if I ever heard one) it is time to act.


Keep up the good fight and best wishes from down under.

[snaps to attention] Kitchener, Ontario! :)

I am from Englewood Colorado




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