I just wanted to see how many different kinds of people we got going on this site :D

Just give a holler and let everyone know what area you represent!


I'm from Brampton, but for the sake of simplicity I'll say Toronto! WOO!

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I did the same thing with the same results B.K.  And, privacy is a concern for me also.  That's why I've not yet put my picture on the net, or my real name.

Privacy is important but results here seem to vary. After Tonya's post I took my first name and "nexus" to find that everything about me on here had popped up. Full name and all my posts, etc. I was shocked until I realized 2 things:

1.  Searching for yourself using the same IP address could be a factor.

2.  Different browsers will likely use different search engines.

It means there is not as high a reason to panic as you think there is. My employers are theists and so is my wife. I'm not wanting either one of them to have reason to "fire" me, so I don't want to be known for my postings here. The likelyhood of others coming up with the same info that you did when Googling yourself is lessened now, but at the same time what is on the Internet remains on the Internet. Those who are looking just have to have the right keyboard combo to find it.

I might also add that none of this is the fault of Atheist Nexus.

I did a "Bing" search on my real name, and on my psuedonym, combined with "atheist" and "nontheist" and came up with nothing.


Is it possible that there is another personw ith your name out there who believes (or disbelieves) like you do?


Good luck!  I totally understand not being willing to go "all out" on your disbelief.



If you google "Tonya Wynn" (her name) you do come up with links to this site.

Yes, but it has nothing to do with this site. It's subject matter and how a specific search engine works. I found myself here this way as well.

This subject also appears to be in the wrong forum.

Tonya Wynn has posted her comment in many wrong forums, but I guess I should have responded in the right one.

Someone else is doing what the NSA does so well, and publishing the results.

I have for many years been a public person (besides letters to editors, I do politics). I've told lots of people I'm an atheist but I don't recall publishing anything that joins my name with either AN or TA.

I googled my last name by itself and found lots of relatives and other namesakes. I also found my last name joined with my first name so many times that I could write an autobiography that would include my atheism and my AN and TA connections.

I don't hold AN or TA responsible. Way back (when Al Gore was creating the I'net) I worked for a computer manufacturer and wrote the code for an early email package. I also wrote code for customers' computers and could have done some of what hackers do.

Writing the code to make passwords is almost as easy as writing code to generate the numbers 0 through 9. (Every character I can put in a password has a numerical value, so I add 1 to what I have in a column until I pass 9, add 1 in a column to the left and start again with 0.) It's what you and I do when we count.

Soon after banks created on line banking they had to write code that broke a phone connection after three failed attempts to match an account's password. That slowed hacking and raised its costs by requiring more frequent phone connections. Laws and prisons don't stop crime; they increase the costs that criminals pay.

From NSW Australia here :)

Hello from Scotland. Does anyone believe there's an Afterlife???? I don't believe in any god but you wonder where every loved one disappears to when they die!!! Recycled into the cosmos I think...

Welcome. This is the wrong forum for it, but as far as we know there is no "afterlife." No water left in the glass after it is empty. Sorry. I have noticed posts lately that I want to respond to where others are claiming someone is atheist and they believe in ghosts, spirits, and the supernatural. If this is really true, then these people are not atheists at all. They are simply fooling themselves or they want to be led astray.

Yeah--  Dennis is right about this being the wrong forum... but the elements that made up our bodies and brains while we lived certainly are recycled.

I think the same.



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