I just wanted to see how many different kinds of people we got going on this site :D

Just give a holler and let everyone know what area you represent!


I'm from Brampton, but for the sake of simplicity I'll say Toronto! WOO!

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One of the 6 Total Atheists in Odessa, Tx. We bide our time...Long live the Resistance! 

Not including un-brainwashed babies?

The only reason most people believe in an afterlife is because they believe in some god's written word.

If you don't believe in the god, and therefore don't believe in the written word, then there is no reason to believe in the afterllife.

Penn Jillette borrowed the idea from somebody else (I don't remember who).  Where were you on Noveember 9, 1903 - what were you doing?  What was going on with you?

Unless you are 110 years old - the answer is "Nothing - I did not exist".

Now - where will you be on November 9, 2103 - again the answers to those questions will be "Nothing - I won't exist".

I can never understand why that is so hard.  We didn't exist, and we remember nothing bad about that.  We won't exist - why are we afraid of it.  We are just here for a lifetime - that's all.  Because t least one of our parents got horny one day.



Great answer! I agree! I like the use of date of non-existence. 

"We are just here for a lifetime - that's all.  Because t least one of our parents got horny one day."

Gus Heist 

Since we are here only one lifetime, we better make good use of that time and space. 

Hi from Wauseon, Ohio. near Toledo.

Greetings to all... from northeast Ohio (near Youngstown).


I hail from Rhode Island.  The state founded on freedom from religious persecution.  The state whose founder's vision of the separation of church and state was the model for part of the US Constitution.  And yet has the second highest percentage of Catholics.  Home of one of the biggest battles over the separation of church and state to make it to the courts recently.  Probably a lot like any other state in the USA, home of a lot of contradiction.

10 January MMXIV

Please visit my www.scribd.com/thewordwarrior for articles on atheism and the Roman Catholic Church.


I'm located in Calenzano, Italy.

I sent three of my articles to mail@atheistnexus.org but they were returned undeliverable.

I'm sure my thoughts will prove interesting for all atheists or nontheists.


Anthony St. John

I still live in Lufkin, Texas, aka, the source of the flame for religious hell.

Hello, i am the only atheist at work, in family, etc. that i am in contact with.

 There were some that i knew years ago, none now.

   Almost everyone i know is a brainwashed jesus loving fox news brainwashed redneck.

     Would like to sell this house and move but cannot till i clear these debts.

Natasha, I am very glad to see you here and know that being able to chat with non-believers helps to stay connected. Not having to shun your own beliefs in deference to believers is a pain. Freedom of expression is far too valuable to waste. 

Ah, Natasha....  I feel your pain.  I too am a lone atheist surrounded by ignorant brainwashed superstitious Jesusers.  Stay strong!  Peace.



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