I just wanted to see how many different kinds of people we got going on this site :D

Just give a holler and let everyone know what area you represent!


I'm from Brampton, but for the sake of simplicity I'll say Toronto! WOO!

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Eric, I don't know if believing in god or not makes the difference, but I am not one who pays money for money. Can't get ahead that way, unless it is building a business. I pay cash for what I want, borrow very little for what I need and pay it off as fast as I can, and live off earnings. At 78, that seems to work fine for me. 

I haven't had a boring day since I retired from teaching, just too many interesting things to do. 

As for feeling like you "wish I had a job again", may I suggest volunteering for something that matters to you. Today, I had a cancer treatment; the place was jammed with people waiting for treatment. The poor nurses were running as fast as they could to keep the drip lines flowing in the 17 cancer patients getting the dreaded chemo drips. When volunteers are there, they are able to bring around beverages or snacks. When they aren't there, a patient has to unplug from the wall, take the tower holding the chemo along to get a drink of water or eat something to get that awful taste of the chemo out of one's mouth. I am so grateful to those who come to help patients and nurses. 

Perhaps, if you like kids, volunteering with youth groups keeps one active, but that is not for those who don't enjoy kids. 

I hope you find something that fills your time with things you like to do and with people you enjoy. 

I'm from Concord New Hampshire!


I live in Oneonta NY. I am retired on disability. I am concerned with the rights of the ageing and the mentally and physically disabled. Global warming and peace are also concerns of mine. I welcome contact with like minded people. Im into scientific pantheism, philosophy, history and celebrating life. I enjoy community online and off.

welcome.........I like the fact that you are concerned with issues such as aging,disabled,the underdog............sounds like you might just be a humanist........so glad you are here.

From Albuquerque  New Mexico - originally from Alberta Canada.

Wilmington, North Carolina.

An American bible belt stronghold of the KKK.  It has several colleges, but 100x more churches.  A place where anybody can lecture a complete stranger on why he/she should become a Christian or suffer pre and post mortem consequences.  A place where a person can lose his/her job, because a "good Christian woman" got her knickers in a twist, because "OMG!  An atheist!"

What?  Too much information?

Dougibert, it was enough information to earn my sincere condolences...

...and to stir my appreciation for living in the SF Bay Area,

Most of the xians in my life know I'm a way-out-of-the-closet atheist, although a few like the word agnostic more.

Xians who lecture me will probably hear me say religion is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on humankind. More polite xians might hear me say that if I hadn't spent twelve years in Catholic schools I might still believe their god exists.

Welcome to A/N.

I like your comment that "religion is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on humankind."  I'll try to remember it.

Your post makes me want to move back to the Bay Area. : )

Just the right amount of info.  And you are right on target.

The problem is, you have just described most of NC, SC, GA, MS, LA, and most of TX.

A lot of people think this country's problem is too many people turning gay, or too many minorities, or too many immigrants.

No, the main problem with this country is too many people who identify themselves as christians, even through the biblical christ (not sure there is or is not a historical christ) would be outraged that they were using his name in vain.

I agree with Tom S.  Condolences.  I live close to the heart of mormonism, but it's not nearly that bad.

Dougibert, not too much information, in fact, information that needs to get a toehold in your area of the nation. There are more atheists hiding in the closets than there are KKK steamrolling the population. One atheist, joining with other atheists can change a culture. Religious will use threats and intimidation to keep us quiet.

The strength of atheism is the abundant evidence of evolution and the ways that valuing nature can bring about a sense of purpose and meaning without the threats and promises of hell and heaven. Perceiving human beings as a part of nature instead of the master of it, brings far more happiness. 




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