I just wanted to see how many different kinds of people we got going on this site :D

Just give a holler and let everyone know what area you represent!


I'm from Brampton, but for the sake of simplicity I'll say Toronto! WOO!

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I get so angry when watching the news to hear people say they thank god for saving them when the news also reports that during the same event their neighbors, and/or small children have been killed.  They never explain why they think their neighbors didn't make the cut and the talking heads, especially that dreadful Diane Sawyer, always goes along with the god angle.  Her voice grates on me especially when she offers her prayers for the "victims".  Victims of god if you follow their thinking!

That is precisely why we should ridicule any such claim for thanking god for survivors and not blaming god for fatalities or injuries. Mockery, derision, laughter, scorn, scoffing, contempt, jeering, sneering, jibes, teasing, taunts, sarcasm and satire should be utilized. Nothing illegal, but there is no law preventing one from resisting such nonsense.  

It's because they are really thanking the Big Guy for not killing him as well.  They know that He's the one responsible and they are just kissing his ass which is what you do for all psychopathic tyrants.

Exactly, Gus. Have you heard the observation that thanking God for sparing one in a devastating natural disaster is like thanking a serial killer for killing your neighbor and not you? Anything, I guess to obscure the fact that we are less than specks in an indifferent cosmos. Humanism, science, compassion for our fellow travelers, and medicine are our defense and comfort, not superstition and ancient religion.

Good analogy!

I'll use that in the future.

Thanks - although it will probably get me beaten up.


You said it, Ceil. I guess the talking heads say what the majority of their audience wants to hear, but I hope that changes some day. In the meantime many of us just silently (or not so silently) scream. What if the networks had a policy change on promoting this ridiculous perspective and these inane statements!?

I sure do agree with you all on this subject.  It has bothered me for many years.  Christians just can't see the fact that if there is a god responsible for saving someone or something, then he has the capability to save everyone..  Therefore he is responsible for everything, all the pain, death, and destruction.  It's so obvious.

There's an excellent article on Huffington Post today, by Larry Womack, entitled "Nobody Cares About Your Damn Religion" that hits this subject right in the center of the target.

Check it out at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/larry-womack/religion-and-politics_b_...

Excellent link Gus.

Something to think about!

Imagine a small town, with two state roads intersecting in the middle of town.

On the edge of town on the north side is a sign that says "Jesus Saves".

On the edge of town on the south side is a sign that says "There is no God but God, and his name is Allah".

On the edge of town on the west side is a sign that says "Visit us at Bethel Temple" and has a Star of David.

On the edge of town on the east side is a sign that says "There are no gods!"


What is the order (if this was your town) in which these signs would be vandalized?


I'm betting East, South, and West.  The sign at the north edge would be protected by the police and have a 24-hour camera on it.

That would be my bet as well.




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