I just wanted to see how many different kinds of people we got going on this site :D

Just give a holler and let everyone know what area you represent!


I'm from Brampton, but for the sake of simplicity I'll say Toronto! WOO!

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Kitty, you posted on the correct thread.

Don't take literally the word "ASSEMBLE" in the above title.

In all the posts I have seen in about a year, people say where they are. A few say where they moved from to get where they now are.

With atheist/etc "churches" now forming, the assembling Andrew described is becoming a reality. A welcome reality for people not college, where atheist clubs have long existed.

I'm from Somerset KY. Right in the middle of the Bible belt, where there are at least 3 christian churches in every square mile and probably over 100 in the county. And I know a whole 3 atheists; only 1 I'm not related to.

Welcome. Morgan.

My dad grew up in Newport and was working in Cincinnati when he and my mom met. I remember his mentioning Somerset. He and my mom often drove to Lexington on fishing weekends.

I was in California's SF Bay Area when I found A/N, and am still there. Happily, the Bay Area is loaded with freethinkers of all kinds.

Just returned home to Michigan (Detroit area), from traveling the states for several years.

Forced into catholicism while growing up in Ferguson. (a few weeks ago nobody would have known where Ferguson was!) Most of my family members are still trying to save my soul, even though when we discuss religion most of them agree with most of my points and admit that they really don't believe a lot of the stuff in the bible and things taught in their religion.

Seattle, Washington. There are lots of atheists and geeks, and it was a great place for my late wife and me to have raised our biracial child. 

You forgot to mention a police force that makes the ones in Ferguson look like teddy bears.

New Mexico is (one place) where the police department does anal rape, in the form of forced drug searches. 

this is a site about non-theism, not a mass media ethics debate on police work.

It's a site for non-theists.  We talk about whatever we want to talk about.  The victims in these rape-by-law-enforcement cases were people stopped by the police when driving, not prisoners.  Prisoners are often treated badly, yes. 

One reason people make the distinction that it was a cop or soldier who committed a crime of violence, is that these people were hired to protect us from violence.  The fact that they are armed to the teeth with weapons our taxes paid for adds to the irony being pointed out when their membership in the police force or military is brought up. To those who say there are no good cops anymore, I say, yes there is, I met him!  (just a joke, Cory.)

Well here in Australia I'm surrounded by Atheists, but nobody interested in flying the flag for Atheism.

Maybe because when a community becomes completely secular, Atheists disappear.

So since there is almost nobody pushing Theism onto our community, Atheists just go about doing their daily chores without a thought for Atheists elsewhere in the world doing it tough in religious communities.

I am the only one in my community that gives a damn, maybe because I studied theology and keep in touch with countries where Atheists are still considered lowly scum and heretics.

As I started fighting Theistic nonsense and Young Earth Creationists many years ago, when we were inundated with the nutjobs, even though they have gone completely from my region, I still know that they are elsewhere trying to get back in vogue, so I still attack them when I can, I guess I found it fun to demoralize them and I miss that, since they disappeared.  I guess that makes me an Atheist Troll, well so be it, trolling against Theists and Young Earth Creationists can be Fun!

I was discussing this situation with another non-theist friend the other day, and he said, talking bout Australia and other more secular places, "I would love to live in a godless society".

I reminded him that we all live in a godless society, it is just that most people don't know it.





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