Atheists!Do yall believe in predestination?But do theists have any right to deny it?

I think the very idea of god makes the concept of free-will invalid.And if you still think that there is some space for free-will with god,then the very concept of god becomes invalid!

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I've had a handful of debates wih theists and was successful with some of them in convincing that their belief makes no sense,with this logic.

Oh yeah,it's not easy.People are emotionally attached to it than rationally.

"Our emotions are deep and unconscious and tend to have more power over us than our rational minds.Once an idea plays to our imaginations we look around for things to support it,happily disregarding things that don't fit the pictures we have in our mind."                                                                                          -Derren Brown


You will find three types of people there.

1.People,no matter what you say will turn deaf to it.They are convinced about their faith beyond any thinking.They have blind faith.They are the true believers.They are adament,they won't budge.It's impossible to convince them because they won't listen to you in the first place.

2.People,who don't believe in god privately but (almost)no one else knows about it.They show up as religious for profit/fear/social reasons.It's also impossible in this case because you can wake up a guy who is sleeping not the one who is pretending to be sleeping.And I believe majority fall in this case.

3.People,who have genuine reasons for their belief.Their reasons may be personnel,rational or even scientific!

It is this 3rd group of people that is targetable if you have enough resources and knowledge with you.


By the way,I don't go targetting people.I don't like it either.Ironically its they who approach me and most of the cases were through friendly debates.

Here's a good recent link concerning freewill. Guess what? Freewill is an illusion and god still has nothing to do with it.

Thanks for the link.And that was the first part of my question.But its just a theory,right?And any theory is subject to correction.If you really don't have freewill what is the value of your life?If freewill is an illusion then so is life!Without freewill life becomes meaningless and with the idea of god it becomes simple to prove it.

Without freewill life becomes meaningless and with the idea of god it becomes simple to prove it.

Not sure I follow you through here. So you argue that without free will life has no meaning, I follow you there. But I don't understand "with the idea of god it becomes simple to prove it"; it almost reads like you're saying that if we allow for a universe with a deity it's simple to prove the existence of free will, but I may be misreading you.

You got me wrong on the second part.I meant to say,the idea of god(rather definition of god) leaves no space for freewill and hence makes life meaningless.

Ah! Thank you. :)




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