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I think its because people don't want to date a religious person, because some of them come with a ton of baggage.

I'm not saying we are better dates then they are, I can see a person looking at a profile that says Jesus on it, and don't want to deal with that BS. They want to date a person, not Jesus's sidekick.
You'll lose more than ten kilos if you blow yourself up. Quickest weight loss scheme, ever.
yes I never discuss my invisible friends until the third date !
That and atheists won't judge you in the morning for that thing you did last night...you know the kinda look that says your not just dirty your an in the closet porn star. But that it's okay because this one time at band camp I saw this chick stick a flute in her $%#$%^
Keep in mind I don't know how their system of connecting works.

Could it simply be the fact that there are fewer atheists and therefore fewer potential prospects? So when an atheist announces he/she is an atheist, all the other atheists try to connect to him/her. While there are boatloads of christians so the interest in one specific christian is low because of all the other available nutters?
that makes sense
The news articles references percentages, not quantities - i.e., per capita, so I don't think actual quantity matters in this instance
I have trouble finding dates as an atheist in my area. Too few of us. I'm usually stuck with some christian chick on a date until I piss/scare her off. I must admit that the ladies love me up until that point!
I get the opposite - I'm stuck with a Christian chick until she pisses/scares ME off :P
Sounds like every relationship ever!

Aaron S, Does she think that you'll be stuck here when the rapture comes?
Lord, I hope so.


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