Atheists have Galileo In Jail in their mind and behavior too, meet Jason Bloom the catholic preacher...


Johnny NatureHack Merrill

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Please free Galileo Galilee from jail in your mind and behavior. Please think with objects based on two classes of time. Please know you don't need me to do what I'm saying. Galileo Galilee is the Father of Modern Physics. Please think from the sun and earth for him and conduct mankind timed objects with me.

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  • Jason Bloom As a snarky internet denizen, I find this hilarious. As a human being I find it a little sad. But as an admin I find this a complete waste of bandwidth. Johnny, please refrain from posting meaningless ravings in the future. It may be immensely meaningful to you but it's spam to the rest of us.

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  • Johnny NatureHack Merrill Jason, why are you unwilling to class the objects of your mind by time so you live as designed?

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  • Johnny NatureHack Merrill we are victims of alphabetic technology. you hear these words i'm spelling but when i spell tree, do you see a tree? no, our eyes are under a spell. if alphabetic tech was natural all species would have it. tree and jesus are mixed up because of a technological accident. it's not our fault. we are born into a broken system the classing of time fixes.

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  • Johnny NatureHack Merrill Galileo Galilee tried to class time by design but he ran into what i'm seeing now. you an "admin" a preacher taking me and Galileo out. I love you friend. You cannot change that. Do what you have to do.

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At this moment we're preparing to class time by design and I did not want to leave you behind but you're admin on facebook is word-blind and banned me like a catholic jailed galileo. 

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