Atheists and secular humanists in large numbers are reaching into their pockets to help the victims of the earthquake that struck Haiti on January 12th. Many of their donations are going to religious charities either because they already have boots on the ground where the help is needed or simply because they don't have knowledge of any secular charities. Such organizations do exist though and information about them is getting easier to find.

Some, like Doctors Without Borders are already well-known. Their 3 medical facilities in Haiti were all destroyed by the earthquake but their people are helping the injured anyway. Other organizations like SHARE, the Skeptics and Humanist Aid and Relief Effort, and FBB, Foundation Beyond Belief, both of which are organized as humanist or freethinker charities, are funneling donations to secular groups like Doctors Without Borders. The American Humanist Association has also established a Haitian relief fund that is even now working with NGO's in the Dominican Republic to send supply convoys into the earthquake-devasted areas.

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thanks i was really wondering were i could find charitys like this (:
We gave to both Doctors Without Borders and Direct Relief International ($50 to each). We'd love to be able to give more but sadly we're not doing well financially so...
Also not doing so well financially here, but I gave $10 to the Red Cross.

U.S. Residents can text "Haiti" to 90999. The $10 gets billed to your next phone bill. Quick, easy, most of us probably won't notice the difference in phone bill.




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