as difficult as it is to be an atheist in America, it pales in comparison to other parts of the world.  although i imagine some of our members in Mississippi or Texas may not agree :)

what really struck me is how engrained this attitude must be in their society.  this quote from the beginning of the article jumped out:

"I used to think that they should be killed,"

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Interesting article and I feel for them, but there is a change coming on here worldwide. It's a slow change but the speed of knowledge today, thanks to the Internet, is causing it all to happen. Most of the gullible christian world will refuse to see what is going on here. Their scriptures tell them for everything to be fulfilled "there must first be a falling away." Therefore, lack of belief in deity is only confirming for them the apocalypse that is coming. What if the fire that is said to destroy our world was really a great consuming knowledge. Then the old would be no more and all things would be new. Gods would be a thing of the past.

I like that, Dennis-- "the fire of a great cosuming knowledge.."

B. K., I got that from my grandfather who was once a Baptist, then turned JW in name only, but I think he was a secret atheist. A lot of things he said in his lifetime make more sense to me today.

I thought of the grandfather in "Cold Sassy Tree" by, I think, Olive Ann Burns. (I should have checked that.) The grandfather was always saying things that left his grandson wondering. I used to love that book, but that was back when I was a liberal Christian.

On a different subject... I was just speculating about whether society at large will ever reach a point where religious folks are a "childish" minority and whether a-theists will ridicule and ostracize those few who, for whatever reason, cling to the "ancient" ways. I hope not...

It shows what courage and hardships it can cause to be an atheist. Of course the levels of such social problems, and the consequent hardships and courage depend on the particular society in which one lives. It seems like Egypt and Pakistan would some of the more difficult places in which to be atheist. Atheists there would have to be very careful about their conduct, and to whom they revealed themselves, if they are to minimise the hardships resulting from the attitudes and ideas of their religious co-inhabitants.

But even in countries like America, England or Australia, atheists, just for being who they are, can get the ire of their co-inhabitants up.

As a person who lives in the middle east (for now), ithink it's a very dangerous move to come out as an atheist, you can get yourself in jail or even killed in the more radical countries. 

Fortunately for me I live in dubai which is kinda safer for me.

But in general just keep low.

I agree, but try to help people like yourself even if you have to help them secretly.

I have started a little group in my collage.

Its very small (ten members only ) , but it gives a great sense of safety .

Im hoping to make this group bigger to help more people. 

I know how it feels to be alone and threatened for some silly reason.

Until the day we can use our real names (some do) on Atheist Nexus and the day a non-theist can reasonably run for political office in the U.S., we Americans have our own version of this sad situation.

I use my real name here. The difference of Dennis or Mike depends on whether you really know me or not. This allows me also to quickly determine if mail or phone calls are real or just BS.

Do I want everyone to see my real name? NO, but I took that chance. Obviously a person cannot do this in Egypt.


Same with me Dennis.  Which is why I use the k instead of my full name.




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