as difficult as it is to be an atheist in America, it pales in comparison to other parts of the world.  although i imagine some of our members in Mississippi or Texas may not agree :)

what really struck me is how engrained this attitude must be in their society.  this quote from the beginning of the article jumped out:

"I used to think that they should be killed,"

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Theists make themselves believe.  I pretended to for years.  When children are raised under the threat of an eternal hellfire it's hard to break free.  I'm certain there are a lot more atheists than are counted.  When I applied to college I left the religion box blank.  The sister who took it asked me if she could mark it christain (it was a private,catholic,liberal arts,college) I told her I didn't care how she marked it.  At that time there wasn't an option for atheist. She marked it christan.

I sure hope atheism is growing in Egypt and other countries in the Middle East.



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