I'm from Bangalore. Would like to know if there is any weekly or monthly gathering for atheists. If not, it would be nice to come up with one and take it forward. Interested folks please acknowledge.

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I think there's a rationalist group that meets in Bangalore. I will contact a couple of people I know and get back to you.
The Federation of Indian Rationalist Associations includes the following organizations. Looking through the list, I only see one in Bangalore (Vicharavadi Sangham, Bangalore, Karnataka).

1. Akhil Bhartiya Anddashraddha Nirmoolan Samiti
2. Ananthapur Rationalist Association, Ananthapur, Andhra Pradesh
3. Arjak Sangh, Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh
4. Atheist Center, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh
5. AT Kovoor Memorial Trust, Kozhikode, Kerala
6. Vicharavadi Sangham, Bangalore, Karnataka
7. Baratia Bigyan O Yuktibadi Samity
8. Bihar Buddhiwadi Samaj, Patna, Bihar
9. Bombay-Gujarat Rationalist Association, Ankaleshwar, Gujarat
10. Dakshina Kannada Rationalist Association, Mangalore, Karnataka
11. Goa Science Forum
12. Hyderabad Rationalist Forum, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
13. Indian Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Paranormal, Podannur, Tamil Nadu
14. Kerala Yukthivadi Sangham, Kerala
15. Mandya Science Forum, Mandya, Karnataka
16. Orissa Rationalist Association. Orissa
17. Rationalists' Forum, Tamil Nadu
18. Science for Society, Jharkhand
19. Soshit Samaj, Jharkhand
20. Tarksheel society punjab(Regd.) [[Punjab (India)] www.tarksheel.org
I found these 2, in Bangalore, through Google.

Atheist Society of India, Secretary: Jaya Gopal, House No.10-15-3, - Near Bangaramma Temple, Pithani Dibba Jail Road, Visakhapatnam 530 002 (Andhra Pradesh)

Th. Bangalore Science Forum, President: Dr.H.Narasimhaiah, The National College Buildings, Basaavangudi, Bangalore 560 004 (Karnataka).
Hey, surprised you replied to this post. Thanks for that but I already have this information. But except Atheist Center in Vijayawada none of the other groups are not active.
The 'Vicharavadi Sangham, Bangalore, Karnataka' is quite active. They meet once a month. I am a member (but have attended their meeting only once). Many folks are from the older generation so they use traditional means like snail mail to intimate about their meetings etc. You can reach out to their secretary Mr. Subba on 9886679088.
Thanks for replying to this, Pankaj.
I have no idea where any of the places mentioned in Bangalore are. LOL. I'm relatively new here and am used to the more common areas. But I would be interested in some sort of meeting if it were held somewhere i wouldn't get lost trying to find. :)
As suggested by Pankaj, "Vicharavadi Sangham" conducts monthly meet, last Sunday of the month, somewhere in Chamrajnagar. You can speak to Mr.Subba (98866 79088) to get the exact address. And from what I understand, meetings have been taking place here at the same location for a long time, so I don't see any change in the venue.
According to my estimates, there are zillions of atheists in Bangalore. In my office of 70 people, there are around 10 atheists. There is another group of young math enthusiasts, almost all of whom are atheists. However, they are not inclined so much to initiate something to meet fellow atheists. It's like -- 'Yeah. That's a good cause. Keep up the great work'. I have similar attitude towards flood relief, child education etc. I contribute in cash and encourage their good work, but am not interested in starting monthly meetings to meet folks who are passionate about child education.

Sorry for the digression. uglyhunK, I am interested in monthly gatherings if they happen around the Koramangala area. I don't attend the Vicharwadi meetings because the location is far for me and they have it on Sunday mornings, which is my lowest energy point of the week. I'm the kind who prefers Friday or Saturday evenings in a relaxed atmosphere...
Hope all those zillion-1 atheists are not thinking in your way ;-). Anyway, let's keep this gathering very informal till it gathers same shape. So next, where could we meet ?? If only you and I, let's meet up in a pub dude.
Rendevous/Satya's in Koramangala 4th Block are quieter places. Legends of Rock/Enigma are also nice places in Koramangala, but are loud. How about this Fri, 23rd Oct?
Pankaj, one more person is interested. So, let's meet up @ CCD 100 ft rd Indiranagar this Friday evening.




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