I'm from Bangalore. Would like to know if there is any weekly or monthly gathering for atheists. If not, it would be nice to come up with one and take it forward. Interested folks please acknowledge.

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Good to see you here Narendra.
Nice to know there is overwhelming response to replies and good to have you here Nagendra. I will definitely get in touch with you and join the movement.
I guess that would be it, in that case we'll all meet in March wherever the organization holds meeting, say what uglyhunk!!!
Let's c....if possible we can all meet up before that once.
Sure I have my exams going on now.. Will be done in Jan. We'll organize a meeting then if everybody is fine
It is NARENDRA not Nagendra.
Narendra Nayak
Im terribly sorry about the name sir! Its an honor to have you here. And I happened to go through the website. And it had a lot of very interesting and meaningful content:).

In that case We'll all meet up in the last week of January!
I am likely to be in Bangalore last week of January. We will try and arrange a meeting then. You can get in touch with Manoj T.V.9448833231 and Subba Rao 9886679088 my cell no. is 94482 16343.
Nothing in Mumbai/Maharashtra? :(
Our next program is in Vengurla, Kudal on the 19th Dec. There will be a leadership development camp there from 19th to 22nd.
We have tried to develop groups in Mumbai but have not been very successful. There is the proposal for a training camp at Mahad some time in Jan.,2010 but nothing concrete so far. Please look up rationalist movement- the challenges ahead on nirmukta.com for a discussion on this issue.
Thanks a lot Narendra.
I thought about starting a CFI or Secular Students Alliance in my campus but nobody is interested except me. don't want to end up making an organization where I am the only member :)
We wanted to have a training program in Mumbai. The venue is always available with all facilities at M.N.Roy center. But, sadly there is none who can organise it there. Last time I was there for a program was when we had one at Wilson College, Chowpatty. Before that we had some in Somiaya College, Vidya Vihar.
What a tragedy that the commercial capital of India has no rationalist movement at all! Things are not very different at the political capital too. After many years we had a training program at Delhi last month. But, most of the participants were from outside Delhi. We had only a handful from Delhi. Since you have already gone through my writeup I dont have much to say. I will be in Mumbai(Thane) on the 30th Dec and will be coming back to Mangalore on the 31st.
A meeting to celebrate the solar eclipse is planned at the National College, Basavangudi ground on the 15th inst. there is also a challenge for asstrologer Bhaskar Shetty to be held at 11 am on the 14th inst at Ashok Shishu Vihara, Shankarapuram, Bangalore.
All are welcome to attend. You could contact my cell no 94482 16343 for more details.




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