"An Atheists of Florida billboard stands along U.S. 98, across from VFW Post 8002. Vietnam veteran David Kissell thinks it's a disgrace to our country.

'Our nation was formed under God and its principles and it's a shame we allow this to happen in our neighborhoods,' Kissell told FOX 13."


EllenBeth Wachs (Lakeland director, Atheists of Florida) and I (John Kieffer) are interviewed in this local Fox news video and article ...






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I'm going to take the liberty to move this to a more appropriate forum category, as this doesn't sound like an introduction. Feel free to move it to something better if the one I move it to does not suit.

Hope the forum goes well! I think you folks in the Bible Belt are brave.

By the way... anyone questioning the patriotism of the folks who paid for/promote these billboards are going to look like fools.
Man how cool! In Florida too?! I saw the NC ones but did not know about the FL. Thanks for the link!
So many have the post-WWII mentality in the year 2010? Sounds like scape-goats r' us. How ironic that a person would not fight to reinstate the original pledge. Such a long haul as is going forward into this cheated and exploited modern era... I for one embrace adversity at every match.

My question is would it be against the law to say the pledge w/o the god mention?
Seems it's just a monopoly that's fading like the majority of fear-based-monopolies do.




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