I was wondering about the different theories Atheists have about how our Universe came to be, what happened before the big bang? Or did that even happen? Obviously a theist generally believes God made everything happen, what are your thoughts?

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No idea. I'm agnostic in the most literal sense on this.
Thirded. Although, I hope for the evolving set of black hole universes.
No idea. I'm agnostic in the most literal sense on this.

I'm inclined to think that even if there was a way for us to detect what happened before the Big Bang, it would be so outside the realm of experience for most of us that understanding it would be limited to physicists and those on acid trips.
I'm with you on this one.
No doubt! ;)
Yes - why should we presume that we will ever be able to discover or understand the origin of the universe?
Religions offer simple explanations - when you think about it, such simple answers seem counter-intuitive (though that obviously doesn't stop many people from going along with them...)

SR (atheistprinciples.tripod.com)
we may be living inside of a black hole right now! At least thats what Isaac Asimove speculated. I`m sure other science writers have also thouht along this line. But how will will we ever know? Its certainly beyond me but its fun to speculate.
All the evidence seems to point to the Big Bang having happened. So, I guess you could say I believe that. As to what there was before that or why it happened, haven't a clue. In fact, I'm not even sure that the question makes sense. Would there have been time before the Big Bang? I'm not sure. And if there was something similar to what we now experience as time, I don't know that we can/could have experienced it.
But that's just another type of political correctness. Fear no words. Its the ideas you gotta watch out for.
! agree
I just saw a science channel tv show "Through the Worm Hole with Morgan Freeman" and they talked with theoretical physicists and there are currently 3 theories concerning the Big Bang. One is that the Big Bang is prevented by something from becoming a Big Crunch thereby starting a new Big Bang so that the Big Bang has happened over and over again without a beginning. For some reason I can't remember what the second one is, but the third one is called "M" theory where 3 dimensional space is "on" a membrane that is very close to another "brane" and periodically (on the order of trillions of years) points on these "branes" collide causing Big Bangs on both "branes" and the matter in these Big Bangs gets "diluted" (over trillions of years) so much so that you could describe it as a void at which time the "branes" collide again and create a new Big Bang.

I can't wait till the LHC sees evidence toward one theory or the other, or something new!!!!




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