I was wondering about the different theories Atheists have about how our Universe came to be, what happened before the big bang? Or did that even happen? Obviously a theist generally believes God made everything happen, what are your thoughts?

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That's not before the big bang. Those are just some of the earliest GALAXIES, not other universes.

"This makes Hubble a powerful 'time machine' that allows astronomers to see galaxies as they were 13 billion years ago -- just 600 million to 800 million years after the Big Bang"
You are right. Sorry. I guess I misread it. And I meant to write other galaxies, not universes. I guess I was tired. Thanks for keeping me straight.
Fiirstly and only incidentally, there could have been more than one big bang. Perhaps gravity will overcome he expansion of the universe, it will collapse into another black hole and explode again. Perhaps it has done this many times in the past and we are witnessing manifestations of only the most recent big bang.

I believe that everything is founded in some sort of principle of opposites because without opposites nothing could be defined. With such a principle having always been stable existence would have always been to balance its opposite of nonexistence. In this, if existence ever threatened to become nothing the principle of opposites might react with another big bang.
The fact that there are opposites suggests that there is a principle which sustains them.

I am talking about a scientific principle, not a diety.
I am not into anything religious. I especially reject worship firstly because narcisistic, not loving beings want to be worshipped. The more loving a being is the less it wants to be worshipped. As such, the more a being wants to be worshipped the less it is deserves to be. Secondly, worshipping requires one to dishonor his own nature. That is, we are beings and, in this, only perceivers. We cannot know absolutely whether our perceptions validly reflect an external reality so it would dishonor our nature to worship one. Thirdly, even if there were very good beings they would still have free will. In this they could choose to become exploitive. Clearly then, it would be wrong to worship them.

I am purely empirical. Accordingly, without further evidence I cannot establish whether life is everlasting or not. I believe that if it is everlasting it would be for scientific reasons that are consistent with the above propositions.

I see nothing wrong with going into a state of mental relaxation through meditation as even the mind needs to rest sometimes.
I believe that everything is founded in some sort of principle of opposites because without opposites nothing could be defined.

Ok -- what are the opposites by which the color green is defined?
Deep breaths, Fred. Put on some old platters by Elvis and enjoy!
A chemist doesn't know that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction?
A video engineer might say, "the absence of green," or possibly the opposite of green, as seen from the point of view of a vector-scope, a device which I remember from my days working for the TM organization in their video production facility. Now ... being that it's been 30+ years since then, I don't remember just WHAT is opposite green on a vector-scope, though my suspicion is that it would be one of the subtractive colors (cyan, magenta, yellow) as green is one of the additive colors (along with red and blue).

Clear as mud?
Just for the record, Wikipedia's take on subtractive color. Anyone who ever ran a four-color press knows about 'em.
Well, I had the color wheel and other systems in mind when I posed the question. But that just moves the goalposts all over the place. There are 4-element systems (I think one is CYMK). But what makes any point of analysis the opposite of any other? They are all frequencies in the visible spectrum and it is a continuous spectrum, not discrete. It's like asking "What is the opposite of 93.1Mhz?" (which just happens to be the frequency of my favorite radio station.)

The systems you've alluded to are all creations to analyze and manipulate the spectrum. But there is nothing that indicates there is some inherent bi-polarity that defines the range or any particular point.
Use your imagination. How about for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. A chemist doesn't know this?




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