About three days ago, I joined a Facebook group called Godless and Proud of It. Let me just say that, after a few days of putting up posts explaining how atheists should represent themselves to a world of believers to the best effect, I discovered that this group was more of a hate group than anything, where any and everything goes. It is my belief that most in that group are not true atheists, that with them atheism is just the big new thing. And perhaps many of them begrudgingly accept the non-existence of God, as if they're actually angry at God. It was a group full of vulgarity and mostly sex talk and in-fighting. They acted more like the shit slinging proto-apes both we and the other apes diverged from than atheists interested in  making the world a better place for all. I quit the group and reported them for harassment, because they had some pretty nasty things to say in response to my reasoned arguments.

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Tony sorry you had that experience. My only use for manures, is for compost. Slinging it doesnt accomplish anything and wastes a valuable resource.

Some people need to grow up.  They need to recognize the world as it is, and not they way they want it to be while whining like spoiled brats who have been sent to bed without supper.  I regret that there are atheists like that out there, and I hope they learn better.

Atheism isn't a dead horse to beat.  It is a rational CONCLUSION ... or at least, that's the ideal as I see it.

And yet atheism is really just an absence of belief in any gods. This can exist in a person without any thought on their part whatsoever.

Just goes to prove the point that there are assholes in every group. Sometimes they gather in evangelical churches, and at other times on groups on Facebook. Which is yet one more reason I won't get on that site.

Hello Anthony,
I know this group you speak of and weathered a brief stint on their site a few months ago. I’ve also made similar observations as well.

For one, the majority of them seem to be in the under 25 crowd.
Most of them are either in school or have dropped out.
Most of them can’t spell to save their lives and prefer to use ‘text-speak’ over traditional English.
And finally one generally get’s the impression that they’re getting their rocks off while writing their sphincter ridden hate speeches.

I also get the feeling that they’re atheists only because they want to seem cool and edgy. You know, the I’m an atheist so that I can get laid crowd that completely lacks in any authenticity or willingness to attempt a debate on any issue without vulgarity. Personally I refer to them as Wading Pool Atheists because it doesn’t take long to plumb their depth.

I should also note that if one goes onto most any video game chat site you can easily observe the same kind of behavior.

That sounds pathetic. From time to time some of that behavior happens here, but then they are called on their behavior and usually they leave. This site is explicitly to promote nontheist community, so behaving really bad is not welcomed. Despite that, Nexus is diverse abd welcoming.

S Biped,
That’s precisely what I’ve observed on this site as well, that is, I have met some individuals on here displaying poor social development, but only very rarely. This other site however is a different matter entirely and not something that I take lightly.

I have a particular paradigm I like to use to determine the strength of a religion or any other secular system of thought.
The strength of a religion is best represented (at least for me) by two primary variables:
1. by the strength and manner of conviction demonstrated by it’s worst members.
2. by the manner in which the remaining members of a “faith” react to it’s worst members. 

Since members of most (if not all) religions make no exclusion towards other members because of their poor behavior, most (if not all) “faiths” hold no merit of strength (at least to me).

Although atheism is not a religion I have little doubt that it is looked upon using some variation of this social paradigm by the greater majority of the religious world. As a result it’s people like those of Godless and Proud of It that give atheism a bad name. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised (if one dug deep enough) to find out that this group was primarily populated by Xtians posing as atheists in an act of subterfuge.

I didn't realize being an atheist was sexy.  Is it? 

Well, let’s just say that for some kids “Atheism” is a sign of being rebellious, like wearing a black leather jacket at a wedding. They’re doing it to stand out of the crowd. And why would anyone want to stand out of a crowd? To draw attention to oneself.

Plus when one considers that your average teen to young adult (particularly boys) is oftentimes trying to establish his/her-self as an individual it’s not uncommon to see them displaying behaviors predicate on drawing attention.

And why would a teenage (or under 25 year old) male want to draw attention to themselves? I’m sure there’s a lot of reasons but I’d be willing to bet that “sex” is going to be among of them, especially if they’re only “playing” atheist.

Hi Tony. These guys sound like some of the theist "atheists" we had on here for a time. I'm still amazed that they come and go, try to convert you, talk their own brand of "logic" trying to mold everything just the way they want it, etc. All with nothing to back them up. People like this do a lot of infighting, starting the drama themselves. Many of them believe in ghosts and spirits, even the ghost of Indian Charlie, but then some of them never investigated religion enough to know anything about god or jebus. For many of them the "in thing" is to claim you are atheist. For others the thing is to claim that "the arguement" or the "big debate" about god is much more than just dis-proving the bible. Oh, really! Claiming atheism they listen to every theist arguement.

Hey, wake up! No evidence, no logic, no arguement, no god. That's pretty simple. The bible is static so there is nothing scientific there. A pile of crap is also static. Some of these debates are about as valid as electrocuting a pile of crap and trying to "bring it back to life."

I will make sure to avoid that site. Those type people give Atheism a bad name. I think they turn others away and make us all look angry and hateful. Unfortunately, those type people are more in your face, therefore, their message of hate seems to spread more to others.

@Steph l ththink tthat's their intention. To give atheist a bad name. Few enough people hold a high opinion of us. Most people have no understanding of us. Other than the type of bad behavior they see on the site that was mentioned. I'll stay here. I have no use for facebook.




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