Atheists Who Are Rebellious Can Join the Satanic Temple

“[Satanic] Temple members don’t literally worship Satan, nor do they engage in any illegal activities. Rather, they use the archtypical symbol of a fallen being who dared to challenge God to promote humanistic values such as empathy, personal autonomy and empirical reasoning.

In a recent press statement, the Temple said, “The temple is atheistic and does not believe in a supernatural Satan -- rather, it sees Satan as a symbol of the Eternal Rebel in opposition to arbitrary authority.”

The above is from an article in the December edition of Church & State, by Americans United (AU) telling of an attempt by the Temple to get space for a holiday display in the Florida State Capitol in Tallahassee. Just days ago AU announced that Florida officials agree to permit display by satanic temple at state capitol rotunda.

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I like being a rebel and you can safely bet I don't buy any supernatural stuff. I'll check them out.

You mean Satanists are not responsible for those missing children that used to be on every milk carton. Whatever happened to that anyway? It's a conspiracy in which they no longer use half gallon milk cartons and post pictures of the missing. People that package our milk are helping the kidnapers to get away with it. I liked it in the 80's when it promoted paranoia and everyone was too dumb to realize that the missing might have been taken by the non-custodial parent. Society wanted to believe that missing children were taken by Satanists (or worse) and that their bones were ground up into powder for dark ritual use and bottles of young virgin blood were sold.

Why not? They do it to rhinocerus and elephant.


You mean Satanists are not responsible for those missing children that used to be on every milk carton. Whatever happened to that anyway?

During the 1980s we satanists found a way to put the blame on Catholic priests.

Most of those kids weren't taken ny non-custodial parents; they are on Church-owned dairy farms in Ireland running those "automatic" milking machines.

FT, your prescription is very nice but some of us non-believers found religion traumatic and are rebels against it.

It left me with the mildest kind of PTSD: heightened alertness. Activity is my remedy.

What do you recommend for rebels?

BTW, for what reason do you find the word Satanism bothersome?

Read Mark Twain's Letters from the Earth and you might like Satan's humor.


Satan  is supposed  to be  the devil? ...devil worshippers?

The word worship is in your lexicon?

That thing called xianity does not traumatize people?

Those of you (emphasis added) that have since rejected Theism, I feel you (ditto) are all on the right track?

You capitalize the words xianity and theism?

I'm hoping you will become stronger.




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