I'm an atheist who enjoys the family togetherness, and home cooked meals associated with Christmas. I don't have to worship the baby Jesus to enjoy giving gifts, rum-spiked eggnog, or honey baked ham. Is there any thing wrong with celebrating a holiday that you don't believe in? I personally don't think so, but what are your thought?

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Do what you like. Live and let live. Celebrate whatever makes you happy. : )

I myself like celebrating the family and friends togetherness associated with Christmas.  I like giving my daughters Christmas presents, I also like taking my kids to go look at Christmas lights (the very well planned and detailed displays are quite amazing).  I love the good food and laughter, and you definitely can't go wrong with the rum-spiked eggnog.  You don't have to be a Christian to be in the Christmas spirit.

I personally celebrate Christmas like a pagan!  I love all aspects of Christmas, the food, the gift-giving, the music - even the old Christmas hymns.  Of course I don't believe in the Christian version of the birth of their god, but neither do I believe in Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer :)


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