I love Christmas. This is the best Christmas song ever and brings tears to my eyes every time and makes me laugh as well.


And with regards to the war on Christmas, Keep Saturn in Saturnalia!

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Cool video! I enjoyed that!

Interesting song, thanks for posting it. I liked the part about songs with nice chords though the lyrics are dodgy. Personally I don't feel the same about families making children feel safe. Too many stories of gay teenagers who out themselves being summarily shoved into the street, with "We don't have a child." I never was rejected, even when I bought a black Kenyan fiance home, but still I take family with a grain of salt. My Protestant family accepted me as someone they didn't really understand. Once my Mom put it as, "Like you're from Mars."

Fascinating Ruth, I had not thought of the family part that way.  But you are right. Sometimes we have to make our own family and leave the biological family in the past.


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