According to a study by the American Sociological Association, higher intelligence correlates to atheism. (Also liberal political ideals, preference for sexual exclusivity in men, nocturnal sleeping habits, and the decision not to have children.) There are actually a plethora of studies that link higher intelligence to atheism:


This is not a question, so maybe I should not post it here? I am brand new to the site, so I am sincerely sorry if I am violating protocol.

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True Josh,

We have the same apathy towards education in Australia as does the U.S.

Video games and social media status is more important than education to most children.

If they didn't view their social media status with such importance, there'd be less youth suicides from social media bullying.

These youth consider their social media status as more important than having a career, and in fact, even more important than their family status.

Their family all show they care, but their Facebook contacts disrespect them as they lost face, so they feel suicidal.

I've seen school excursions to science museums where the children had to find items in order to complete questionnaires, instead one found the items while the rest played on their smart phones, and they copied of that information scout. 

It's a lazy, neurotic youth the Western culture has created.



Their family all show they care, but their Facebook contacts disrespect them as they lost face, so they feel suicidal.

Do you have some evidence saying their families care?

Peers are important, but it's more likely that their families don't care.

It's a form of natural selection in those families.

I can only go on those I know of who lost their children to FB contributed suicide, yes, those I know cared and never knew what was going on with her online activity, only after she committed suicide, did the truth surface.  She would not communicate with her parents, even when they asked.

She, like so many in their mid teens, were looking for peers for support, rather than parents, it is a stage almost all adolescents go through, when they are about to leave the nest and spread their wings, they seek connections and peers outside the family to try and start a future life and social order.

This is a well known psychological phase in human development, the movement to outside influences to establish their own life in the outside world.

Though, the problem is that some now rely on social media to create this new external profile for themselves, so they essentially start to base the rest of their life (or they feel they do) on this false profile of themselves.

When this profile is attacked and diminished by dissent from their peers, it becomes extremely depressing.

Essentially they feel as if the rest of their life is ruined.

Well this is the message they get from reading their suicide notes.

They base the rest of their life on a false social media profile.

Many of these children don't understand the real world.

Instead of FB, they would be better off horse riding, like my niece has her children doing, they have to leave their iPads and IPhones home during weekends and go riding in the bush.

A much healthier activity and gets them away from the school bullies who were attacking her daughter on FB.

Her eldest daughter is in that phase of seeking outside acceptance rather than parental acceptance, so they go horse riding with some professionals, like a doctor and a vet, who she has now adopted as her outside mentors and is also very friendly with the Vet's son, so she has divorced herself from her FB peers totally.  Even at home she barely bothers with social media and instead is reading up on horses and biology.

Her mother is proud of her daughter's new outlook as well, as her girl is not moody any more.

It was the moodiness that got her mother's attention, in the first place.

Hoo-boy!  Was I lucky!  There was NO "social media" when I was growing up; just radio...TV was still in its infancy, and didn't broadcast 24 hours a day.  I took ballet lessons until I discovered figure skating (on TV)...and turned that into a short profession.

Never married.  NO regrets.  I could NOT have dealt with children who would have been growing up in the 1960s and '70s.  I would have ended up on tranquilizers and/or booze.

(Why do y'all think I call myself "Sk8eycat"?)

So very true, Bertold.

My wife and I took Larkin's wise advice about kids.




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