According to a study by the American Sociological Association, higher intelligence correlates to atheism. (Also liberal political ideals, preference for sexual exclusivity in men, nocturnal sleeping habits, and the decision not to have children.) There are actually a plethora of studies that link higher intelligence to atheism:


This is not a question, so maybe I should not post it here? I am brand new to the site, so I am sincerely sorry if I am violating protocol.

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I agree with every bit of that. I am not what one could call socially awkward. It is more that I don't have a lot of common interests with most people I encounter in social situations. Like you said: cars and sports! :) For women, it is more hairstyles, men, and the Kardashians, but it is all the same, and so far removed from my interests, which run more toward science, politics, ethical and moral issues, religion, etc.

I get so frustrated with what I consider the stupidity I encounter so frequently. I feel like I am always in situations like this: Person A makes stupid argument about something. Since this is a board about atheism, let's say it is religion. I reply with an argument that I KNOW to be superior to theirs, to the point it completely invalidates theirs. Person A does not admit- or even recognize- this, and continues to double down on the stupidity. A perfect example happened recently when I was speaking to my mother-in-law. She said that religion is important, because it is where people get their morality. I replied that that is provably false: morality is evident in primates, and comes from an evolutionary need for caring about others. From a very, very young age, children understand that they have the power to hurt others, but nascent empathy prevents them from doing so (usually). Morality is fairly consistent across all faiths, so how could morality come from god? How could all these religions, which involve different gods, be in such agreement on morality? I also pointed out that the Ten Commandments are hardly a reflection of popular morals. Several are all about being faithful to the one god, because he is a jealous god, etc. Rape, child abuse, and other major moral issues are not mentioned. Further, I am an atheist, and my moral code is very strong. That is true of most atheists. It has been established that the more religious a society, the more rape and murder that occur in that society. My mother in law had absolutely no rebuttal (how could she?), but continued to insist morals come from religion. 

I work 80 to 100 hours per week, so no argument here about a relationship between being intelligent and being a workaholic. However, I do not work those sorts of hours to avoid social interaction, but rather because I find it challenging, stimulating, and rewarding.

Are you still involved with MENSA? Do you find it rewarding? Did you end up going to law school?

Are you familiar with Dunning Kreuger syndrome? If not, I urge you to read up on it.

(I am new to this site, and I am just loving it! This conversation is a perfect illustration of why I am enjoying it so. I don't have to tone down my language for fear of offending anyone, and I am speaking to an intellectual equal, not the sort of small-minded fools lurking everywhere else on the internet! So thanks. :))

Jennifer, I like your reply about morals and you told your mother in law about it just right. She repeats her nonsense about morals coming from god because she hears this very often if she's a big church goer. It simply is not true. If morals came from your god then you would be born with them. Christians seem to be teaching their children morality just like everyone else does. Morality is a societal construct that is slightly different in other societies and other countries.

Our morality does not come from Jehovah or Jesus Christ. It follows that it's not from JHVH, El, Elohim, Ahman Ra, Thor, or Casper the Friendly Ghost.

I also wonder at the idea of religious morality. Which is more moral: doing what is right because you fear reprisal by your invisible sky friend, or doing what is right for just that reason: because it is inherently right? I feel like there is nothing particularly moral about good behavior that is based on fear or the promise of a reward (bribery).

The man who needs a reason for being honest is not to be trusted.

            Albert Camus   'The Rebel'

I was invited to join Mensa, but I declined - they were so busy enjoying their intelligence and parading their IQs. They did nothing but hide in their club. But perhaps other groups are different.

Plinius, I was once asked to join Mensa, or was it Densa?

I've never taken an IQ test. What I do know is that in the Army I had a GT score of 120. I asked what that meant one time and they told me it meant I could pretty much do or complete anything that I wanted to. Once they put me in a secretarial job and I had taught myself to type by the time they sent me to typing school. Hell, it was 1965. I ended up being the company mail clerk that was demolition trained. I was also the orderly room runner and assistant to the clerk. I sometimes did his job. I was a gopher.  :)

I've not taken an official IQ test, but have taken several unofficial ones from books and the internet.  My score has been around 138.  I'm a slow thinker, so my scores were less when the time limit was strict, but over 140 when I took all the time I wanted.

I thought about seeing if Mensa would accept me, but I heard from one ex-Mensa person that said about what you said Chris, plus I didn't want to pay the testing fee and recurring club fees.

Whenever I took tests in the University, I took all 3 hours they gave us, and was the only student left taking the test for the last hour.  Doing that gave me a score of 95 to 100%.  If I had been limited to 1 hour, I probably would have scored less than 80%.

It means you're intelligent - average is 100 - but how your intelligence is divided in the different subjects may vary. I got 132 long ago, but IQ goes down in the long run, I heard.

It is impossible to evaluate that score unless you know what scale it was on. Some are a 150 scale, some are much higher. The score on its own does not tell us anything.

A military GT score means "general technical." It isn't like an IQ test exactly. I've never had an IQ test and I'm not good at all with math.




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