I am a Staff Sergeant in the Army currently stationed at Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri.  During lunch today, I went into the Post Exchange (PX) on base to browse the usual items (movies, music, magazines, etc...).  As I passed by the book section, a thought popped into my head wondering if maybe they had any literature on Atheism.  I figured there might be a book or two seeing as some of them have been on best seller lists.  I started looking up and down each row of shelves and saw the usual military, children, fiction, and various other books.  Eventually I reached the religious books and starting checking out all the titles.  There seemed to be a common christian theme of god and praying, but not a single book on atheism.  I saw an entire row of different versions of the bible (big, small, camoflauged, King James version, and whatever).  I will have to stop back by and take a picture of it later for others to see.


My question to all the others around the military out there is, have you all noticed this yet?  Has anyone been able to find a single atheist book?  If I can find a dozen books on how to live my life through god and prayer, then I should be able to find at least one on living life as an atheist, right?  Am I wrong or being overly sensitive???


Side note:  I tend to buy a majority of my books via my Kindle App on my phone, but I do enjoy a good hardback book.  Sometimes, I will even buy the hard copy version even after I have read it on my device, because I found some books are just that good that I will read over and want to add to my small library.  This comes to mind, because I just finished reading "The God Delusion" from Richard Dawkins and i thought that it would be nice to have in a hard copy.  I like to share sometimes with a friend and occassionally I want to read without sticking some electronic device in front of my eyes any longer than I have to.

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You know, I noticed the same thing. . .I haven't stopped by the book section in the Ft Wood exchange since I got my kindle, but before that I had the same experience.  

 As I recall from my active duty days  the AFES system does all the procurement for all Post Exchanges except the Navy/Marine Corps.   Betcha money that the locals have little or no say in what goes on their shelves. . hmmmmm?  If I'm correct that might be a very good battle for MAAF?  

I spoke with Mr. Torpy on the phone the yesterday and had a small discussion about seeing what's on the shelves at the various exchanges and asking the workers work there if they had any Atheist/Humanist literature.  It basically comes down to asking for the material to be provided, not necessarily in a large quantity, but maybe one or two recent best sellers or so and then seeing the response to if it's provided.  If it is provided, then is the material being purchased.  It's kind of a supply and demand market that needs to be looked into.  I'm setting up a spreadsheet to document what is found at various locations with the help of Mr. Torpy contacting some people at other military locations to essentially survey and question.

I'd hatched up the notion of asking for The Magic of Reality  Richard Dawkins science book for kids.   Kind of innocuous sounding until you read it. . . just to see if they'll agree to get it?  I'll let you know what happens.

I haven't found any specific atheist literature BUT I did find a young children's book on evolution at the Ft Benning PX. To be honest, the book section is not a frequent stop for me at the PX becaues you also find an extreme conservative bias in the current affairs section. Mostly Counlter, O'Reilly, Beck an their ilk. Just as suspect.




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