I have several mental health issues and want to find a support group in Seattle, WA. However, most of the support groups in my area have a religious undertone. I respect the people who cling to that for support. I am an athiest, though. I don't want to sit in a room where I am trying to find who I am and be happy while being irritated with god-speak. Also, I want to feel comfortable speaking about my true feelings. I always feel uncomfortable when voicing my opinion because I don't want to disrespect the other people looking for stability in their way. Again, I don't agree but I'm not about to crush their support system.

Do any of you know of secular support groups? I've heard of a program for addicts but not one for people with mental illness without the problem of addiction.

I would really appreciate any help in this avenue. I don't want to be told to surrender to an imaginary being!! I just want to be stable!! I understand this is a sensitive subject for many and if you would feel more comfortable messaging me, by all means, you are welcome to.


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