Those those who have lost your religion... check it out... atlanta people can go in person.

This is hot off the presses. Only 2 of 4 sermons posted. To give you a taste, sermon one says people lose their religion because they don't ask for forgiveness.
Sermon two is 'just in case'. I haven't watched yet, but I really really hope it's not Pascal's Wager. I hope pastor andy can do better than that... We'll see.

In the meantime. Enjoy.


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I guess no one is interested... But in case someone drops by, it wasn't Pascal's Wager. The idea is that everyone needs to strip away all the angry-ness and rules and silliness of religion and just get back to Jesus. He shows how Paul convinced some Athenians that Jesus was true so we shouldn't have doubts. If we just focus on how Jesus was resurrected then we don't have to have any doubts. We can be certain.
Doubts are healthy, I think, but there was nothing too controversial.

The bit thing is they seem to be directed against lapsed/inconsistent Christians, not against atheists. Ah well...
Anyway, we'll see about part 3.
wow, such an iTunes'esque website.
all in the name of...
oh yeah MONEY!

people are not losing their inner thoughts, I mean faith, as much as their money nowdays...
thanks for nothing god! i mean bush... i mean...

>: P




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