Australian Christian Rock Band to Perform in North Platte, Ne, High School March 30, 2012

Christian Rock Band

I live in North Platte, NE. I sent an e-mail to the North Platte High School protesting its use to promote a blood thirsty religion such as Christianity. Its hateful doctrines are not part of our family values and I pay taxes, not tithes, to my county as a homeowner. I doubt my e-mail does any good but I got my point across.

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Good for you, have you considered contracting the ACLU?

I have not contacted ACLU. In the past I have learned the ACLU takes on cases that would benefit the ACLU, not so much the consumer and tax payer. They do not work for free and I do not have the kind of money it would take for such a suit.

Actually, what you've learned may not be very accurate. Have you heard of Jessica Ahlquist?

The ACLU does not charge people a cent to sue government institutions for breaches of the establishment clause, in fact, …it's their bread and butter.

I am more appalled, as an Aussie, that we even have a christian rock band.......

…and Ray Comfort.

just sayin'…

grrrr. He is actually a New Zealander and we generally accept NZ'ers as our own. But not Ray, I don't think the kiwi's want him either.

I checked out the band on YouTube and they're not even worth naming. The lyrics are stereotypically christian, devoid of interesting melody on retro rythms.

Singing about religion is un-Australian and it is likely that they are aiming for the US market where they could sell.

                           Newsboys from Australia

American market buys anything. If Madonna sang Jesus Loves Me, it would probably be a million seller.




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