Authoritarian Leadership

"Authoritarian, or dictator leadership. An authoritarian leader rules with total power. This style offers no opportunity for participant input; the leader makes all the decisions, critical knowledge is kept to themselves and they lay down the law. Examples of this leadership style are seen in the military, mafia or a street gang. Authoritarian leadership can also be present in situations where there is a “power clique” in which clique members see themselves as having a higher status than others and believe they must give orders to get things done."

Why voters might be choosing dominant, authoritarian leaders around...

  • Threat of economic uncertainty leads people to prefer leaders whom they see as decisive, authoritative and dominant, even if they are morally questionable, over other types of leaders who might be more respected, knowledgeable and admired.
  • When faced with a milieu of uncertainty and the resulting psychological lack of control, individuals favor a dominant/authoritarian leader who, they believe, has the capability to brave unfavorable winds and increase their future chances of success."

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It's sort of like fast food. We have become spoiled in America. We want a hamburger and we want it right now. We go to Mickey D's or Burger Doodle. Problem solved.

Then we have commercials about a structured settlement. We want that "right now." Cute commercials.

With 8 years of Obama and hysteria about jobs, our future, illegals, etc.  many wondered why Obama didn't do more to solve our ills. He did very well considering that nobody was working with him. That wasn't fast enough for the majority which also included the haters. Most of them don't realize that government doesn't work like fast food.

The solution seemed to be to elect a reality TV star as President.  A billionaire who was good at firing people and wants you to think he "gets things done." Cheeto came along and couldn't believe he is now president. (He and I share that belief.) America is in a tizzy because nobody wants to work with this man either. He's done nothing and tried to take all the credit of others. He signs executive orders and that doesn't work. (He thought it was maybe like a decree.) Neither him or his supporters know about government. Maybe they should take it in high school classes.

It must be about party, right? To make his Fascist style work again and bring about the Amerigod. We have to start trashing Dems and call them every name in the book. That should bring us together. Why won't people just let this man do what he was elected to do? You scare us up and convince us of what we need, but the majority still isn't buying the kingly Fascist. What's going on?

Are we great again yet?

Well, when you have an autocrat, who else do you really need?  I mean, isn't Drumpf supposed to snap his fingers and build the wall, bring jobs back to the US, shoo the terrorists out, and Make America Grate ... I mean GREAT Again?

And by all appearances, Drumpf has acted as though he can do the whole thing through executive orders.  By all accounts, he's done next to nothing by way of the Legislative branch, pretty much true to form for a dictator.  Unfortunately, as I stated in a related comment, because he is president, he is now subject to a supervisor – US – a state of affairs he is unused to and doubtless would prefer weren't the case.  He is also now under the intense scrutiny of the Fourth Estate, never mind the FBI and multiple investigative committees.

Drumpf wanted the hot seat, not realizing how hot it could get.



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